GTA 5 Enhanced & Expanded Shown at PlayStation Showcase

GTA 5 Enhanced & Expanded kicked off the last major Sony PS5 Showcase. Remarkably, the game is still yet to release but is just around the corner, provided it doesn't suffer a delay.

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Will history repeat itself with GTA 5 taking part in the 2021 PlayStation Showcase? If so what could we possibly have left to learn about this eight-year-old game!

Latest - GTA 5 Delayed for Next-Gen

During the showcase, a new trailer for GTA 5 Enhanced & Expanded edition was shown.

It confirmed that the game has been delayed until March 2022. You can see the new trailer below:


GTA 5 at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase

We know that the GTA 5 Enhanced & Expanded edition will release on Thursday, 11 November. PlayStation users will also have access to GTA Online for free from release until early 2022.


When it comes to the possibility of another PlayStation Showcase offering, we think it's highly likely. There's no denying that it's a huge title with massive appeal. Despite some moans and groans on Twitter when it kicked off the Future of Gaming event, its place among those other titles was well earned.

Naturally, many people are looking forward to GTA 6 instead, but there's life yet in the old dog. We would like to see some official gameplay from the new edition pointing out some of the bigger changes. The last thing anyone wants is to end up buying a version of GTA which is essentially just the PC version cranked up to Ultra settings.

GTA Remastered Collection

There are also rumours floating about that GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas are receiving remasters and a collection is due for release soon. This would be a great announcement for the showcase and you can use GTA 5 to get it started.


Initially slated for October 2021, the date has been disputed as 'sometime in 2022' by others. Regardless, such an announcement would be epic and for Sony to house it on a PlayStation Showcase would be a major win.