GTA 6 Fan Crashes Live TV Show to Ask When the Game Will Release

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With new leaks and rumours almost every week, we're all getting rather impatient when it comes to official GTA 6 news.

What does the map look like? Will we be playing a three main characters once more? And when is GTA 6's release date?


One Grand Theft Auto fan needed to let out some frustration and stormed the set of a live TV quiz show in Germany to ask the world when GTA 6 will finally come out.

GTA 6 Fan Storms TV Show

Originally showcased on reddit, the fan ran onto the stage of 'Beat the Star', which is shot live, and made his thoughts clear.

He shouted, in German, “What I want to know is where the hell is GTA 6? I have been waiting eight years for GTA 6!”.

gta 6

Why he chose a live quiz show to ask such a question, we're not quite sure. The host is unlikely to be the best person to ask for GTA 6 information.

I guess the intruder simply couldn't hold he question in any longer and had to ask someone, no matter who it was.

The Video

You can check out the video of the incident on the German Reddit page here.

While you might not understand exactly what's going on and what's being said, it's fun to see the confusion of everyone on stage as the fan runs on, shouts, and soon gets removed.

What's funny is that he stays on the stage for a little while, making his thoughts known. There's isn't a huge amount of urgency in getting him off screen and away from the hosts.

Everyone just stands around until about 30 seconds through the video, when one security guy wanders over to gently lead the intruder away. It's a pretty awkward situation all around.


One thing that's for sure, this is not Rockstar experimenting with new marketing ideas - it's far too weird for that.

We know how the guy feels, though, we'd love to hear more about GTA 6 soon. However, we think we, and the guy from the video, will be waiting a couple of years still.

As and when we inevitably see more leaks and rumours, we'll let you know about them. Hopefully the guy on the TV show sees them too, to stop him interrupting more random quiz shows.