GTA 6 Might Not Release Until 2025

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As we await the release of the GTA Online Summer Update, excitement for GTA 6 is ramping up, especially with leaks and rumours flying around all the time.

Prominent leaker, Tom Henderson, released a video over the weekend that ran through what he's heard about Rockstar's still unannounced game.


As Henderson points out himself, he's not a prominent GTA leaker, with Battlefield and Call of Duty being his staples, he does say that he's been hearing rumblings about GTA 6's release date and setting for a while.

GTA 6 Release Date Not Until 2025?

While not the focus of the video, possibly the most interesting piece of information Henderson provides is that he doesn't think GTA 6 will release until 2025, or 2024 at the absolute earliest.


Rumours have suggested the next mainline game would arrive in 2023, but that is reported to be off the mark.

Henderson doesn't source that release date information, but he's been correct about other features and games in the past.

If a 2025 release date is correct, that means there will be around four years between the release of GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced and the release of GTA 6.

Modern Day Vice City Map

The other exciting piece of information that Henderson provided in his video is where GTA 6 is planned to be set.

While rumours have suggested trips to other parts of the world or back in time, Henderson reports that GTA 6 will be set in a modern day version of Vice City, the series' iconic Miami based city.

He says that Rockstar has settled on a modern Vice City because it allows the developers to create an "evolving" map that'll change over time.


I guess that is similar to how the maps in games like Fortnite and Warzone change every month or two, keeping the experience fresh.

GTA Online Live Events

That would make a lot of sense for a GTA 6 that's going to put a lot of focus on multiplayer and whatever form GTA Online takes.

gta 6, release date

As we discussed just a few days ago, live events would be exciting for GTA 6, and it would be smart of Rockstar to implement them following how successful they've been in other huge games.

Seeing GTA 6's new Vice City change every few months to keep a new GTA Online fresh would be great.

Of course, since all this information is just what Tom Henderson has heard through the grape vine, be sure to take the claims with a pinch of salt. Henderson himself even states that things could easily change, as they always do.

After all, GTA 6 hasn't even been officially announced yet.