GTA Online UPDATE: Open Wheel Racing Series OUT NOW

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Rockstar has confirmed that their take on Formula One, Open Wheel Racing is now available on GTA Online!

The company confirmed in a tweet:

"The future of competitive motorsport has arrived, and it’s in a hurry.

Two brand new open-wheel ultra-performance vehicles. Seven high-speed tracks. Dozens of split-second decisions."

The new DLC will have several new vehicles - one of which (the Progen PR4) was available to win at the Lucky Wheel before launch.

Future Updates

Rockstar Games has already hinted more major updates are on the way this year.

“There is still much more to come in 2020. Next up for GTA Online is the addition of an open wheel racing series featuring all new vehicle types – with tense, high speed, track-based racing where tight cornering, tactical tire choices and perfectly timed pit stops make every second count.

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“Plus, expect more big updates and a few surprises as we move forward into the year.

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“Whether you have been away for a while or have never had a chance to play before, there has never been a better time to immerse yourself in these two vast and unique living online worlds.

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“Once again, a gigantic and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has joined us in this ongoing journey.

“Stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for all the latest on future updates and much more.”

How much are the F1 cars in GTA Online?

The two available cars are the Progen PR4 and the Ocelot R88. - but we can expect more to arrive in the near future.

Both are pretty pricey . The PR4 costs $3,515,000, while the R88 will set you back $3,115,000.

Better get saving.

Music Request Hint

In other news, the Express claims a post shared online claims a new music track request has been issued by Rockstar Games.

The licensing refers to a song called Black Locks by the rapper Young Dolph.

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Whether or not this refers to an update for GTA Online or even GTA 6 remains to be seen... although we very much doubt it's the latter.

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