GTA V Deals Guide: How to get the game for less - Best deals across PS4, Xbox One & PC

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Grand Theft Auto 5 has been out for almost eight years to date, with the game still being played by a countless number of players worldwide.

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However, for people who have yet to experience the immersive world of Los Santos and the online realm of GTA Online, we'll go over where the best deals are right now for GTA V!

Which Edition is best?


One thing to note when purchasing the game is the two editions that are available for purchase.

There is the regular edition of the game which was what was released during launch day - you will just get GTA V and all the included features within the game.

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There is also the GTA V Premium Online Version which is designed to give you a comfortable starting block during Online. It comes with the following:

  • The Doomsday Heist
  • Gunrunning
  • Smuggler's Run
  • Bikers
  • Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack:
    • This is the best way for players to kickstart their journey in GTA V Online.
    • It will include $1,000,000  of GTA money for you to purchase items such as your house, clothes, cars or whatever your heart desires.
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LAVISH LIFESTYLE: The Premium Edition will give you a great platform to make money on GTA Online


Choosing which game you opt into is ideally up to you if you prefer some cushion for when you load into Online than we recommend you purchase the Online Premium Version.

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If you are someone who is keen on starting fresh during GTA V Online and getting the satisfaction of progressing through the ranks than get the regular version of the game!

The Best Deals

  • CDKeys: £8.99 / $16.99 USD (PC) - Premium Online Edition
  • Simply Games: £15.99 (PS4) Premium Online Edition
  • Coolshop: £19.95 (Xbox One) Premium Online Edition

On Sale?

This is a personal tip to people who are always looking for the best deal on games - GTA V is quite an old title but as we all know Rockstar titles hold their value for years to come.

However, besides the above places which are rather cheap for the game right now, places such as Steam or local game stores are a great place to keep your eye peeled for just the right sale!

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The Steam Winter Sale saw GTA V on sale for a fraction of its current price so be on the lookout from time to time if you can wait.