Genshin Impact Cyno: Release Date, Element, Weapon, Banner, Skills, Materials, Teams & Latest News

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Cyno was the first Sumeru character fans met in the first Genshin Impact Story Teaser and Manga.

The scholar from the Akademiya wears an outfit that resembles the one of the Egyptian God, Anubis.

In the last Sumeru trailer, Cyno was confirmed as a playable character, and we found out more about his backstory.

With that, here's everything we know so far about Cyno in Genshin Impact.

Cyno Release Date

Leaks indicate that Cyno will be featured in a banner of Genshin Impact 3.1.

Based on the 2022 schedule, we can expect version 3.1 to go live on October 5, 2022.

This date may change, however, if Hoyoverse decided to adjust the duration of Genshin Impact 3.0 due to the Celebration of the Second Anniversary on September 28th.

Weapons and Element

Cyno is carrying an Electro vision, and he will become the second male character from the element.

He carries a Sekhem Staff that was used by Anubis in Egyptian mythology. This weapon in-game will be considered a Polearm.

Cyno Skills & Abilities

During his Elemental Burst, Cyno will enter a special state in which the attack will be enhanced and will have a longer range, similar to Raiden Shogun & Itto.

  • Passive
    • The Damage output of Cyno will increase based on his Elemental Mastery.
  • Elemental Skill
    • Cyno will give three slashes by dashing forward. While using Cyno's burst, the attacks will deal AoE
    • Cooldown: 3 seconds
  • Elemental Burst
    • Infuses Cyno attacks with Electro Damage (it can not be overridden). The animations, DMG, and range of attacks will change.
    • At the beginning of the ability, Cyno will fire off an AoE attack. During the burst, energy particles will be generated.
    • Energy Cost: 80 - Cooldown: 18s

Cyno Materials

We'll have to wait to know the Ascension and Talent materials for Cyno, as no leaks nor official reveals have arrived just yet on the topic. As soon as the information is available, we will update this section.

Cyno Build Guide

We have little information in regard to Nilou's potential. However, we can speculate based on the footage and the leaks about her abilities.

  • Best Weapons:
    • The 5-start Engulfing Lighting and 4-star The Catch seem to be the best weapons for Cyno according to his kit.
    • Considering Cyno is a 5-star character, much like others, we will have his Signature Weapon in a banner.
    • Kitain Cross Spear, the 4-star Craftable Sword from Inazuma can be an interesting F2P option.

  • Best Artifacts:
    • Emblem of Severed Fate is probably the best option for Cyno by increasing the DMG of Cyno Elemental Burst

  • Best Teams:
    • Cyno looks like a quicken on-field DPS, that will benefit from teams that buff electro reactions.
    • We think his ideal team is not in the game yet, it is most likely Cyno will have good synergy with new Sumeru characters.

  • Suggested Team:
    • DPS: Cyno
    • Sub DPS: Raiden Shogun
    • Elemental Enabler: Collei
    • Support: Nilou

The launch of the Genshin Impact 3.1 Beta is approaching, then we will have more details about this captivating character.

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