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Collei, the main protagonist of Genshin Impact Manga, is becoming a playable character soon in Genshin Impact 3.0!

The in-game version will be older than the one we met on the pages of the Manga, and we'll finally be able to truly see her in action soon enough.

With that, here's everything we know so far about Collei in Genshin Impact 3.0, including her release date, abilities, materials, and best build options.

Collei Release Date

Collei should become a playable character by the time Genshin Impact 3.0 goes live on August 24, if everything works according to the 2022 schedule.

According to leaks, she will be part of the Tighnari banner and a Free Reward from the update's main event, Carving Innocence.

Weapons and Element

Collei has a Dendro vision. For most players, she will be the first character of this element in their roster.

She uses a bow as a weapon, but Collei will also receive help from a mechanical cat called Cuilein-Anbar.

Collei Skills & Abilities

The playstyle of Collei is very straightforward. Most likely this is because she's been designed to introduce the Dendro element in Genshin Impact.

  • Passive
    • Collei will buff teammates with extra Dendro DMG based in Collei ATK.
  • Elemental Skill
    • Collei throws a floral boomerang that damages enemies with Dendro when hits and while returning to Collei's hands.
  • Elemental Burst
    • Collei asked for the assistance of her mechanical cat, Cuilein-Anbar, to inflict AoE Dendro DMG.
    • The ability will create a circle in which enemies are affected by Cuilein-Anbar's attacks.

Check our guide to learn more about Collei's abilities, cooldown, and constellations.

Collei Materials

Some of Collei's Ascension and Talent Materials are not yet available, but these are what we know of so far.

Ascension Materials

  • Majestic Hooked Beak
  • Rukkashava Mushroom
    • This Sumeru Specialty is a fungus that grows in layers upon layers, like a sea of clouds.
    • It grows on trees deep in the Rainforest.
  • Hillichurls Arrowhead
    • Widespread common material drop by the Hillichurls with bows.
    • Players can find these enemies in abundance in the Golden Apple Archipelago.

Talent Materials

  • Arrowhead
    • The same common materials used to level Collei Up are used for leveling her talents up.
  • Talent Books TBD
    • For now, we don't know the domain or name of the books for Sumeru characters.
  • Trounce Domain Materials
    • Collei requires Tears of Calamitous God, a material drop by the Weekly Boss Raiden Shogun.

The location and the quantities required to max the level and talents of Collei are explained in our pre-farming guide.

Collei Build Guide

We don't think Collei will produce big numbers. However, her skill will come in handy by supporting teammates and creating Dendro Reaction.

  • Best Weapons:
    • The new 4-star craftable bow, King's Esquire, seems tailor-made for Collei.
    • Favonius Warbow and Sacrificial Bow will benefit her play style by reducing the cooldown of her Elemental Skill and Generating Energy Particles.

  • Best Artifacts:
    • The best artifacts for Collei are probably four pieces of the set Memories of the Deep Forest.

  • Best Teams:
    • Collei and Dendro Element will open the door for new team compositions.
    • Teams with characters with different elements will be more common.

  • Suggested Team:
    • DPS: Xianling
    • Sub DPS: Raiden Shogun
    • Elemental Enabler: Collei
    • Support: Yelan

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