Genshin Impact Leaks: The Golden Apple Archipelago will return in 2.8

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Recent leaks from the Genshin Impact 2.8beta version have confirmed the return of the summer islands of the Golden Apple Archipelago in the next update.

The Golden Archipelago was a temporary map back in Genshin Impact 1.6. The area was a transitional update that connected the story between Mondstadt-Liyue with Inazuma.

Here are the details of what we can expect and when we will be able to visit this island paradise.

Release Date

The Golden Apple Archipelago is coming back in Genshin Impact 2.8 as the stage for the main event, A Summer Sea Sojourn.

Based on the adjustments made by Hoyoverse after some delays, version 2.8 will go live with the returning location on July 13, 2022.

What is the Golden Apple Archipelago?

The GAA is a group of islands located east of Mondstadt created with the power of the wind of Barbatos (Anemo Archon). According to Jean, they are a neutral zone that doesn't belong to any nation.

They were covered by a fog that didn't allow visitors to travel to the area for many years.

In the Genshin Impact 1.6 event Midsummer Island Adventure. The Traveler visited the area in the company of Jean, Barbara, and Klee.

Their mission was to prove that Klee is worth keeping Dodoco after receiving a message from the Dodoco King.

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Waver Rider in the Golden Apple Archipielago in Genshin Impact
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WAVERIDER: The first time we sailed this boat was in the calm waters of the Golden Apple Archipielago

The GAA Legacy in Genshin Impact

The Golden Apple Archipelago was an exciting change of pace. The area was not only a transitional period before the arrival of Inazuma.

The Archipelago introduced the following mechanics in the game:

  • Waverider System
    • Traveling through water was not possible until the Traveler got his boat here.
  • Outfits
    • The first two alternative skins debut in the Archipelago, the summer looks of Barbara and Jean.
  • Territory under Elemental Effects
    • The Golden Apple Archipelago was covered under a fog that players needed to clear for safe map exploration.
    • This mechanic becomes a common theme in Inazuma.
  • Temporary Map
    • The GAA was available only during Genshin Impact 1.6
    • The area was the perfect scenario for a layback story about summer and friendship.
    • The Traveler and Companions arrived at the area over the back of the Dragon Duvalin.

The well-written story, the beautiful landscape, and the fun mechanics of The Golden Apple Archipelago let the community wanting for more of this area.

What's new in the Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact 2.8?

Despite travelers going back to the same region, we can expect a lot of new adventures.

The first big change is the presence of an abandoned castle. There are no details of who were the inhabitants, but the design resembles those found in Mondstadt.

Another interesting feature of the Genshin Impact 2.8 Golden Apple Archipelago is the option of rearranging the position of the islands.

We can expect quest looking for the mechanism that will allow changing the shape of the Archipelago.

It seems Parkour will be necessary constantly during the area exploration and for completing challenges.

GAA in Genshin Impact 2.8
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Genshin Impact GAA the map will be full of big platforms, in which travelers need to collect items and activate mechanisms

Similar to the first Golden Apple Archipelago event, A Summer Sea Sojourn will feature a lot of familiar faces.

These are the characters we will see in this event: Kazuha, Fischl, Xinyan, Yun Jin, Mona, Venti, Xiangling, and possibly Nahida, the first Sumeru character.

We will obtain a new skin for this version as well. Fischl is receiving a Free Alternative Outfit.

It is uncertain if the GAA is here to stay as a permanent region or if we have to say goodbye after version 2.8 is over like the last time.

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