What Is The Pit Fortnite Map Code?

The Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration has a week left, and as part of the latest set of challenges, players need to head to The Pit.

What is The Pit and how do you get there? We'll show you how.

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What Is The Pit?

The Pit is a free-for-all custom island in Fortnite. It is being used for the latest Cosmic Summer Challenges where you must complete a specific set of objectives.

Fortnite The Pit Challenges
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The Pit challenges

As you can see, there are four total challenges that relate to The Pit.

  • Build structures in The Pit 0/500
  • Destroy structures in The Pit 0/500
  • Eliminate players with 5 different types of weapons in a single The Pit match 0/5
  • Get headshots in The Pit 0/50

Each challenge comes with it's own unique reward rather than just XP.

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What Is The Pit Fortnite Map Code

To access The Pit you will need the Fortnite map code. The code is 4590-4493-7113. This map has been created by GEERZY.

Once you enter the map code you will be taken to the The Pit. There are some rules in place for the map.

Fortnite The Pit map code
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The Pit Fortnite map code

Builds reset every 15 minutes, which is useful given how many people will be building structures for the challenge.

You also receive 5 coins per elimination so you can see how well you're doing on the leader board. This will come into play as you try and achieve your 50 headshots for that challenge.

The last challenge is the hardest as you'll need 5 eliminations in a match with 5 different weapons. Make sure you brush up on your weapon skills to bag those eliminations in style.

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