How To Attend The O2 Event In Fortnite Season 7

We have our next musical event in Fortnite taking place very soon, and it will be hosted by the iconic O2 venue, virtually recreated inside of Fortnite.

Want to know how to attend, or even just how to get onto the island? We've got you covered.

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How To Find The O2 In Fortnite

First things first, this isn't something you're going to stumble across in the main game. You instead need to head over to the creative game mode. From there you can enter a custom island code to be taken to the O2 Island.

fortnite O2 island code
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The O2 Island and Code

The code you need is 2500-3882-9781. Once you enter this, you'll be taken to the island and placed right at the front door of this amazing music venue.

The entrance to the O2 in Fortnite
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The entrance to the O2 in Fortnite

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How To Attend The Easy Life Event In Fortnite

English alt R&B group, Easy Life, are set to host a number of events in this Fortnite recreation of the O2. They are scheduled to take place from 8.30pm BST between the 24-27 June 2021.

fortnite O2 main stage
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The Main Stage

To get familiar with the layout, you can still head into the O2 and explore before the events take place. There's music playing and the occasional announcement from the band themselves.

When the time comes and you want to attend the event, you'll need to locate the Main Stage. This is found be heading in through the entrance and just following the main path to the end. Don't get distracted by all the different rooms and lights!

fortnite O2 easy life event
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The message you're met with until the event takes place

If everything has been timed right, and your game isn't experiencing any issues, a portal will appear to take you to the gig.

As the message in the image suggests, if you attend at the right time and can not see a portal, just reload the island and try again.

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