Fortnite Week 12 Quests Guide: Release Date, How to Complete & More

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The Fortnite Week 12 Quests have arrived for players to complete and level up between chasing their next victory royale.

As Season 3 begins to wrap up ahead of the introduction of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4, completing your weekly quests is now more important than ever if you want to complete your battle pass and getting all of your rewards.

Here are all the Fortnite week 12 quests

Fortnite Weekly Quests Release Time.

The Fortnite week 12 quests will go live on Thursday, 18th August @ 14:00 BST / 09:00 EST / 06:00 PST according to the timer shown in the weekly quests menu.

The challenges from previous weeks will still be available for players up until the end of the season, allowing all players the ability to catch up and gain the XP.

Fortnite Week 12 Quests

The following is a breakdown of the Fortnite week 12 quests along with some tips on how to beat them.

We will update this article where more specific information is needed once the quests are live.

Every Fortnite Season 3 quest will be worth 15,000 XP.

Dislodge Runaway Boulders 0/6

Boulders are featured in the Fortnite Week 12 Quests
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Runaway Boulders have been featured in multiple quests for Fortnite Season 3 and the method of quickly completing this quest has yet to change. To do so, land in the area around Rave Cave or Reality Falls and then head to the other location once you've dislodged all the boulders in the area you've landed. The Western side of the map has a lot of boulders so it shouldn't take you too long.

Collect Bars at Lazy Lagoon 0/100

Gold bars are featured in the Fortnite Week 12 Quests.
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One quest that may take a few rounds, collecting gold at Lazy Lagoon can be difficult depending on the number of people dropping with you. Just make it a priority drop and try to get through this one via chests and eliminations as quickly as possible.

Headshot Opponents With the Prime Shotgun 0/5

Prime Shotgun is featured in the Fortnite Week 12 Quests
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A great tip for when using the Prime Shotgun is to keep it fully reloaded as often as possible as the first shot deals a little extra damage than subsequent shots. Landing a headshot with your first shot can tear through shields and let you rip through opponents a lot quicker.

Damage Players With The Ripsaw Launcher 0/200

Ripsaw Launcher is featured in the Fortnite Week 12 Quests
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One of the more challenging quests this week involves the Ripsaw launcher and damaging players with it. It is quite difficult to hit someone with a ripsaw launcher with the slow-moving blades being very obvious and easy to dodge if you don't catch someone off-guard. initiating combat with the Ripsaw or tearing through cover is probably your best bet here.

Hit Opponents With The Two-Shot Shotgun 0/10

Fortnite Two-Shot Shotgun is featured in Week 12 Quests.
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Quite a self-explanatory quest but finding a Two-Shot Shotgun should be pretty simple, letting this quest not be an issue and an easy 15,000 XP

Tame Wildlife in a Single Match 0/3

Taming wildlife is featured in the Fortnite Week 12 quests
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To best complete, this quest, the southwest region of the map is likely your best bet. There is often wildlife spawning around Greasy Grove and in the areas between there and Rocky Reels so working your way across the Southern region should let you finish this in one match.

Land at Groovy Grove or Fungi Farm and Travel to The Glow in a Single Match 0/2

Fungi Farm is featured in the Fortnite Week 12 Quests
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Another fairly self-explanatory quest to round off the day, landing at either Groovy Grove or Fungi Farm before heading to the marked location on the map.

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