Fortnite End of Season 3 Event: Start Date, Leaks & More

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As we approach the end of the latest Fortnite season, many fans are preparing for the large end-of-season event that will take the battle royale into the future.

Fortnite has been going all out with their end-of-season events as of late, with the Season 3 event likely going to be their biggest yet. Here is what we know about it so far.


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Fortnite End of Season 3 Event Start Date

The Fortnite End of Season 3 Event will change the game.

While there is no confirmed date for the Fortnite Season 3 Event as of writing, we know that it will likely begin either on Sunday, 18th September 2022, one day after the Season 3 Battle Pass is set to end. This date will likely see an event take over the game before an extended period of downtime occurs to implement the changes for Season 4.


It is currently unclear how long the Season 3 Event will be but if the previous end-of-season event for Fortnite is anything to go by, it will likely be quite short so be sure to check back for the official times so you don't miss it.

*UPDATE* Fortnite Season 3 Event Leaks

We may have just gotten our first look at the end of season 3 event thanks to iFireMonkey who shared an update to the Nintendo eShop listing for Fortnite with a mysterious hand coming out of some inky liquid.


The hand, it turns out, belongs to the character known as The Paradigm, a member of The Seven who has had a bit of a redesign from their last appearance.

This image isn't guaranteed to be related to the end of season 3 event, as it could be for the 21.51 update scheduled for early next week instead.

Fortnite Reality Falls image

As of writing, there have been no major leaks about what the Season 3 Event of Fortnite will be and what it will look like but we can make a pretty strong guess based on the current "Vibin'" storyline.

The zero point energy and massive "Reality tree" has been constantly warping the Fortnite world throughout season 3, causing massive changes to the map and the various locations that players know and love.

This latest event could have serious changes made to the map as a whole, with major sections being completely unrecognisable for Season 4.