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Fortnite Season 4 Full Map REVEALED: POIs, Changes & More

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fortnite season 4 map changes

As with any new season of Fortnite, fans are starting to wonder just how big the changes to the map will be and we have our first true indication. Season 4 teases have now begun and it's about time as the season starts TODAY.

The Fortnite map, much like the game itself is constantly evolving with many changes and alterations happening both at the start of each season as well as throughout it. What can we expect for the Season 4 map? Here's what we know so far.

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LATEST - Full Map Revealed

The entire Season 4 map has now been revealed. There are at least four new major POIs added, all along the Eastern side of the map.

New POI Seen In Trailer

During the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass trailer, we got a shot clip that was set to focus on a brand new weapon being added into the game. What we also got a look at was a brand new POI that looks like it could be linked to The Herald character.

First Map Changes Confirmed

We've had our first confirmed map changes for Fortnite Season 4 thanks to the SypherPK Icon Series stream. We can see some noticeable changes to The Joneses as well as some visual changes to trees.

Finally, we can see the "No Sweat" balloons with covers in the background of one of the images. These map changes come alongside a possible weapon leak too.

Fortnite Season 4 Map POIs

As of writing, very little is known about what the Season 4 Map will actually look like once the major Fortnite update begins but what we do know is that some of the current POIs will likely survive the changes that the end-of-season event brings with it.

Season 4 Map Locations in Fortnite could be a lot different than we currently know
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One of these POIs is the Reality Tree at the centre of Reality Falls, likely the cause of the massive changes to come, the various reality trees that have begun springing up across Fortnite Island could very well be the major POIs of the next season as well, each accompanied by a new set of locations showing a different theme.

Another POI that could survive into the Season 4 Map is Tilted Towers which has just been rebuilt throughout the summer's Rebuild The Block questline. This isn't guaranteed to happen as Fortnite does enjoy destroying Tilted Towers but we can at least hope it survived a little bit longer. It cost a lot of gold after all.

Fortnite Season 4 Map Changes

Due to the lack of leaks and official announcements currently available, it's hard to say what major changes we should expect to see when the Season 4 Map of Fortnite arrives.

Due to the reality-warping nature of the current season, nothing on the current map is really safe but there are POIs that are more likely to change. The locations most likely getting the axe for the Season 4 Map are The Daily Bugle, Shuffled Shrines and the various Empire Outposts scattered across the maps.

Fortnite Shuffled Shrines is likely to be removed in the Season 4 Map.
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While the Daily Bugle has survived for quite some time, it wouldn't be surprising to finally see it leave Fortnite island, replaced by something completely different due to the location's name being a Marvel property.

Shuffled Shrines and the Empire Outposts meanwhile are likely to leave due to their relation to the ongoing Fortnite battle pass, with links to Indiana Jones and Darth Vader. Out of the two, Shuffled Shrines does have a chance to stay for a little while longer like The Daily Bugle did but it wouldn't be too surprising to see it completely changed.

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