Fortnite: Slurp Legends Bundle: Price, Release Date, Skins & More!

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Epic Games recently rolled out the latest patch for Fortnite, being the V12.20 update. This new patch added an ample amount of new content, including a brand new vehicle in the Choppa.

Along with the new update, Fortnite data miners were hard at work this morning; digging through the game files in order to find us the next big leak.

One of the leaks is about the latest skin bundle we will be getting in the item shop very soon. Let's take a look at the Slurp Legends bundle!


Slurp Legends
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THREES - Most bundles come with three skins!

Nothing has been confirmed or leaked regarding the Slurp Legends bundle, however, we can base the price of this bundle off of previous ones.

Not only will the bundle come with the above three skins, but we can also expect some sort of back bling or pickaxe tools along with it!

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Expect to pay anywhere from $15-20 USD for the new bundle! Since this is a bundle, it will also not be for sale in the regular Fortnite Item Shop.

So, you will not be able to use your Vbucks on this bundle we can assume!

Release date

Peely Skin 1
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SOON? How soon can we expect this bundle to release?

Lucas7Yoshi was the first Fortnite data miner to uncover this new bundle, however, they were only able to uncover the skin files.

For the time being, we do not have any indication about when the Slurp Legends is going to release.

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However, expect a release date in the coming weeks as it has been quite some time since the last Fortnite bundle was available for purchase!


Of course, what everyone wants to take a look at before purchasing the bundle is the skins that are going to be included with it! Lucas7Yoshi managed to get images of all the new skins from the game files, so you can check them out below!

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Slurp Legends Variant
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Although we know what the skins are going to look like for the next bundle; we do not have any indication about back bling or other cosmetic items going to be included with this bundle.

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For now, be sure to check back often to see if there are any updates about the Slurp Legends bundle!

Update? Choppa!

fortnite meowscles 4
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CHOPPA - Let's take a look at the latest Fortnite update!

This bundle was uncovered in the game files as there was a massive Fortnite update today!

The new update implements an ample amount of changes, but let's take a look at the new vehicle that also showcased the new skins, the Choppa!

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Introduced in this patch is Fortnite’s latest vehicle, it has been quite some time since we had the addition of a new vehicle, being the boats at the beginning of the new chapter.

The helicopters were leaked in the game files over two weeks ago from the last Fortnite update, and have now been unveiled as the Choppa.

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The Choppa is what you might expect out of a helicopter, it can carry your whole team in it, allowing for easy rotates across the map.

As well, the main flyer in the Choppa can shoot rockets down at your enemies below! We will have to wait and see if this is overpowered or not.

The Choppa is only useable in public matches and not competitive playlists!

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