Fortnite Season 2 Battle Pass: Doctor Strange CONFIRMED, Price, Release Date & More

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The lead up to a new Fortnite season is always exciting and one of the big reasons why is because we get to guess what new content is coming to the Battle Pass! With the last few passes being a real hit with the community, Season 2 has a lot to live up to but seems to have delivered so far!

Original content is always a highlight but it's undoubtedly the licensed or crossover skins that draw the most attention.

So, how does the Fortnite Season 2 Battle Pass stack up to previous releases?

LATEST - Battle Pass 'trailer'

While Epic are yet to reveal any official Battle Pass trailer we do have this one from T5G Shorts on YouTube which gives us a decent look at the skins included!

In addition to the standard skin offering, there are also plenty of gliders, weapon skins, emotes, sprays and more!

Doctor Strange confirmed

We finally have the first trailer for Fortnite Season 2: Resistance. It looks like the rumours of a Doctor Strange skin were true and he will be coming to the Battle Pass!

We can't wait to see the official battle pass trailer to reveal all of the content that will be coming!

Fortnite Season 2 Battle Pass Release Date & Price

There will be no surprises when it comes to the release and price of the Season 2 Battle Pass. It will be released alongside Season 2 which is set to go live on Sunday, 20 March.

As for the price, the usual 950 V-Bucks should do the trick. If you're subscribed to the Fortnite Crew Pack, it will unlock automatically at no additional cost.

Possible Crossover Skins

When it comes to big headline skins, there are two possibilities that we think may come to fruition. The first is a set of Star Wars skins. This comes off the back of content being reuploaded to the game in recent months. While these updates hinted at a possible fully themes season, it could just be that skins are coming to the Battle Pass instead.

fortnite star wars
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On the other hand, there have also been suggestions that skins from The Batman could be arriving in-game soon. While this would more likely be as a separate pack, the fact that they are yet to arrive despite the film's launch could lean towards their inclusion in the Season 2 Battle Pass.

There is also the possibility that there are no crossover skins at all within the Battle Pass and Fortnite takes a slightly different approach to this Battle Pass. Certain parts of the community have taken issue with the sheer number of licensed skins compared to original content over recent seasons.

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