Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 Wishlist: What we want from next season's content!

We're incredibly close to the start of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 and it's time for us to compile our list of demands pleasant requests for the team at Epic.

The introduction of Chapter 3 has brought a ton of new features to the game - many of which have been positively received - so what more could they add in Season 2?

Well, we have a few ideas so here's our Wishlist for Fortnite Chapter, 3 Season 2.

Bring Back Punchcards

It was rumoured towards the end of Chapter 2 that punchcards would be carried over into Chapter 3. This hasn't happened just yet but with the story about ramp up, it's a great time to bring them back.

Fortnite punchcard
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Each NPC also had their own multi-stage punchcard

Seasonal Quests have been a little boring despite their good XP offering. Punchcards offer a great way for players to earn XP while adding story elements to the weekly questing system and that's why they feature on our Wishlist!

Character Cups

When a new skin is released, they used to come with a Character Cup to offer players the chance to earn the skin for free as well as some additional cosmetics just for taking part.

fortnite character cups
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Character Cups are always a fun time

They have disappeared recently with Naomi Osaka receiving a small event but that's it. We want Character Cups and all the hype to return in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2.

Story Events

Now that we're settled into Chapter 3, it's time to bring back a story event (or more than one if it makes sense). While there are rumours of a Star Wars season soon, we want to make sure that the core story of Fortnite isn't let to suffer.

fortnite events
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No game does events quite like Fortnite

We would love to see a story event take place during Season 2 or one to close things out before Season 3 starts. Chapter 2's storytelling was incredible and we want more of the same from Chapter 3 which is why this lands on our Wishlist.

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