Why is there no Event to end Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1?

Fortnite events can often be the high point of any new season. As we approach the end of Chapter 3, Season 1 we're almost guaranteed to be getting no new event to help introduce Season 2, but why?

Given how popular these events are it may seem strange that Epic would choose not to capitalize on easy wins. Well, the truth is that it's probably time to give Fortnite a much-needed break from its current content cycle.

Here's why we think there won't be an end of season event in Fortnite and why that's a good thing!

No end of season Fortnite Event?

Based on the content uploaded in Fortnite Update 19.40 - believed to be the last of the season - no event files have been found. This means that there is likely no big blow off event to end Season 1 and introduce Season 2.

We could be getting a simple cutscene to help tie up the story and transition players into what's coming next. Many players have found themselves conflicted because recent events have been of the highest quality.

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Past events have proven hugely popular

That being said, putting these events together is not easy work and as Fortnite Chapter 3 develops, time and resources are very valuable. To ensure the lasting quality and support for the Chapter moving forward, it makes complete sense not to produce a big in-game event... yet.

Epic have done a fantastic job with making sure that Chapter 2 ended with a bang and Chapter 3 saw players flooding back in great numbers. The issue that Chapter 2 created, however, was this expectation that events are a given to close out each season. If not at the end of the season, there were expectations of a third-party deal to bring a big event as they did with Ariana Grande.

Despite this, Epic has made the right call - in my eyes - to forego holding a Fortnite event to end Season 1. The state of the game is key to all of this and to ensure the quality stays as high as possible, it's a good idea to keep the current story ticking over and have it pay off in a bigger event further down the line.

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No one does in-game events better than Fortnite

The story of Chapter 3 is progressing nice and slow but this will eventually start to ramp up and that's when it become prime time for a big event to take place. While there have been pockets of disappointed community members, it's also worth noting that the transition to Chapter 3 happened over the holidays and with the team at Epic rightly having had an extended break, there was even less time to put an event together.

It makes more sense to drop it completely as opposed to giving it half the effort you could a few months later. I'm excited to welcome Season 2 into the game and am curious as to how they will handle the transition.

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