Is Fortnite planning a Star Wars Season?

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 is about to begin and huge news could be on the way. Amidst the claims of Season 2 being a little stale, it just ended with a huge event that's garnering massive praise.

Perhaps this is why we're now seeing rumours that point towards a huge event in-game. This wouldn't necessarily be something linked to the overall story of Fortnite Chapter 3 but could be a nice break that offers players some unreal content from a massive Disney IP.

Latest - More Star Wars Teases!

During the Season 2 event - Collision - there was a pretty blatant tease that more Star Wars content is coming soon.

This all arrives after leaks show that Darth Vader will be part of the Season 3 Battle Pass.

Event Coming Soon?

Not only were more Star Wars cosmetics were added to Fortnite as part of the 20.20 Update recently but we also got a sneak peek as some missions coming soon.

The 20.30 update is set to take place on Tuesday, 3 May, one day before 'Star Wars Day' on 4 May. It now looks like a full Star Wars event is set to start next Wednesday as themed missions are being added to the game!

More Cosmetics Added

As part of Fortnite Update 19.20, more Star Wars content has been added back into Fortnite and it's starting to look more likely that a new event could be on the way. Alternatively, the rumour of a full Star Wars season is starting to gain traction too! Which would you prefer?

Are we getting a Star Wars Season in Fortnite?

While there is nothing that explicitly states that we will get a Star Wars season in Fortnite, a recent update provided a spark of hope.

Lightsabers being added back into the game could just be the first step in a drawn-out process of slowly bringing in Star Wars content. Sometimes when there are bigger plans afoot, content is drip fed back into the game rather than dumped in one big update.

Epic also has the ability to hide the content that is being added but may have decided to let the lightsabers re-enter the game publicly to build up some hype. It's no secret that Fortnite has had incredible success with Marvel and Star Wars content in the past. Even as recently as Christmas Eve when Boba Fett was added to the game. We're also in the middle of a huge Spider-Man push right now following the release of the new film, No Way Home. Green Goblin and Mary Jane have also landed on the island and more characters are believed to be coming soon.

If Fortnite and Epic did create a Star Wars season, it would be a great way to break up the Chapter 3 story and bring in a whole new crowd to the game. Not only that, but it would bring back lapsed players who are keen to know what's going on since they left. The transition into Chapter 3 may have already accomplished this but with each Chapter, there is inevitable that interest will die down and slow seasons can really hurt the game.

Here's hoping that over the coming weeks more content is added that hints at an eventual Star Wars season because we think it would be an incredible event. Worst case, it looks like lightsabers are coming back in some form, so there's always that!

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