Fortnite New Location Guide: Frenzy Farm! - Movement, Looting, Landing Spots, Map Changes and More!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has brought a host of changes for us to adapt too, and get creative with!

The Main addition is the flooded map. This has completely changed huge parts of the map.

Unfortunately, this does make it tricky for those who had dedicated rotation routes at higher level gameplay.

Don't worry, we've got you covered. This is our location guide for the Frenzy Farm Location.

Landing Spots

Frenzy Farm consist of a few landing spots for you to choose.

Fortnite Frenzy Farm Location Guide
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FRENZY FARM - Check out a great top down view of Frenzy Farm!

You'll generally want to stick to the large house in the centre, or the two farmhouses to the North and South-East of the location.

You'll find the most loot here, but it will be largely contested.

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If you need a location that is slightly more isolated. Head to the gas station to the East of Frenzy Farm.


Frenzy Farm is quite a large area with limited loot.

fortnite season 3 chug jug
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HEALING AND MEDS - Make sure to carry a good amount of healing with you at all times!

We recommend you try and loot as fast as possible and then go straight for kills to eliminate and minimise the threat.

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As long as you have some sort of close range weapon like a shotgun or SMG you'll be able to take on any opponent.

Movement and Rotations

A large amount of the surrounding areas of Frenzy Farm have been flooded.

fortnite season 3 map underwater
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NOAH'S ARK - It seems the hints at a flood were true...

This means you'll be doing a lot of swimming to get to a new location.

If you head south, you'll find large areas of land surrounding Retail Row and Lazy Lake, so it's definately a good idea to rotate this way.

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It's worth grabbing a fishing rod to hitch a ride on a shark if you plan to head any other direction.

Map Changes

These map changes give players of all levels a very hard time when it comes to rotation and movement into new zones.

fortnite salty springs 1
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A WHOLE NEW WORLD - Jump into Season 3 and Experience the brand new map!

Although it will take some getting used to. These changes definitely, change up the way we play Fortnite.

The water level will slowly drop over time meaning the map is constantly evolving as the season progresses.

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We hope this guide helps your landing and movement around Frenzy Farm. Check out another location guide here!

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