Fortnite: Leak confirms Helicopters in the next update?!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has been out for just over two weeks - the new season introduced a whole array of new changes and weapons for players to enjoy.

The season also has one of the best themes we have seen in the history of Fortnite thus far - the combination of the Shadow versus Ghost and the new Mythical weapons has been brilliant.

It appears Fortnite is going to get another radical change in the coming weeks as data miners have uncovered a staggering new vehicle coming to Fortnite soon! 

Helicopters in Fortnite?!

In the days leading up to the new Fortnite season, we were teased multiple times by Epic Games with cryptic tweets and messages.

Among these messages were multiple pictures that actually ended up being crucial parts of the new season - aspects such as the new cat skin and the Rig POI.

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At the time, it was hard to make sense of most of the pictures that Fortnite tweeted out but fans were convinced about one part of the teasers.

Among the teasers, fans spotted what appeared to be a helipad at certain locations.

This seemed to confirm that helicopters would be getting introduced with the launch of the new season.

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However, this was debunked as when the new season dropped, there were helipads at POIs such as The Agency but no actual helicopters.

Now, it appears the helipads are going to get some usage out of them, as according to multiple Fortnite leakers they are going to be making it into Fortnite soon!

Helicopters revealed by community leakers

Tweeted originally by FNBRHQ who is one of the most respectable members of the Fortnite leaking community - they noted with the release of the V12.10 patch the other day they also added helicopters within the game files.

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FLY ON IN - We can't wait to see how these helicopters work!

When an item makes it into the game files it all but confirms it will be coming to Fortnite at some point in the near future.

How will Helicopters work?

The leaked helicopter seems to function similarly to how the Planes worked when they were in the game during Season 7 and 8.

One of the most daunting statistics that FNBRHQ noted was that the helicopter will have rockets that can be fired at players for 70 damage per hit! 

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Hopefully, this new vehicle does become another broken vehicle like the M.E.C.H.S were in Season X.

With the size of the map and how rare boats are to find, helicopters could become vital for rotating.

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