Fortnite World Cup 2020: When is it? How can I enter? Latest news, tips & rumours

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Last year’s Fortnite World Cup was one of the biggest esports events of 2019, and over 2.3 million people watched it live.

Since Epic Games and the competitive side of Fortnite have been experiencing some rocky waters as of late, with the on-going FCS events every week there has not been much else to talk about.

It seems this has become a trend that Epic Games has adopted for Fortnite, only a few LAN’s throughout the year and the rest being online tournaments.

Season 2 Chapter 2 is now well underway, however, since its launch, there has been no news concerning cash prize tournaments or when the World Cup 2020 will take place.

While we still don't know when any tournaments will be happening, Epic Games has provided a minor explanation as to when it will go on.

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Why are Cash Prize tournaments delayed?

Epic Games have announced that they've delayed any 2020 cash prize tournaments because they're working around the clock to address Season 2 performance issues.

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COMMUNICATION: Some information from the developer is better than none

The developer will provide an update when they have further news, but don't expect to hear about any Fortnite cash prize tournaments any time soon.

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Epic Games didn't specifically say what 'performance issues' they are hoping to resolve, but we're just relieved that the delays aren't related to the spread of Coronavirus.

When will the Fortnite World Cup be?

Epic Games have not announced when the Fortnite World Cup 2020 will be starting.

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BUGHA – Last year’s winner will be looking to maintain his reign!

Battle Royale fans learned about the World Cup 2019 at the end of February last year, so they are getting concerned that they haven't heard anything yet.

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We will be back soon with updates as we receive them.

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