Fortnite: Marvel crossovers will continue for years

Fortnite made a huge step in introducing Marvel crossovers to the game - and it looks like this won't be the last we see of it.

In fact, according to Donald Mustard, Worldwide Creative Director of Fortnite, we will be seeing Marvel in Fortnite for years to come.

Let's get right into the details.

Fortnite Marvel Crossover

Fortnite has featured tons of Marvel hero crossover skins, and it's even seeped into gameplay mechanics.

fortite season 4 marvel skins
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SEASON 4: Fortnite Season 4 was jam-packed with Marvel content

This included Nexus War in Fortnite Season 4, which tasked players with fighting Galactus.

Outside of this, Fortnite has included heroes like Ironman, Wolverine, Storm, Thor, Hulk, and plenty more.

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But this won't be the end of Fortnite Marvel crossovers. It's only just the beginning.

The Future of Marvel in Fortnite

In the This Week In Marvel podcast (episode #469) - Donald Mustard, Worldwide Creative Director of Fortnite, was the featured guest.

fortnite captain marvel launch season 4
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NEXT UP?: Captain Marvel could be the next inclusion in Fortnite

During the podcast, Mustard commented on the long future Marvel has intertwining with Fortnite.

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"This is just the start. This is the start of lots of stuff we have planned for many years in this Marvel integration"

What other Marvel features could be coming to Fortnite?

Now that we know more Marvel content is coming to Fortnite, we have room to guess at what we're in store for.

fortnite season 4 marvel theme leaks
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FUTURE: Marvel has a long future in Fortnite

After all, Marvel's crossovers into the game so far have been massive, leaving little room for more. Or at least we thought.

With Marvel confirmed for years of Fortnite crossover, we expect the stakes to be much higher as more content is included.

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This could mean new game modes, new weapons, new heroes, new enemies, new skins, and plenty more.

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