Fortnitemares 2020 Skins: Leaked Skins, Rumors, News, Bundles and More!

Fortnitemares has always been the most anticipated event each year for numerous Fortnite players.

Now, we are quickly approaching the end of the month, which means we are also getting closer to Halloween.

We can assume Epic will once again host the spooky event, and there are bound to be some amazing skins in store.

Here's what we know thus far!

Release Date

As of now we do not know when the official start date is for Fortnitemares 2020.

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But, since this is a Halloween event we can assume it will be up to a week before Halloween.

Now, with the next patch set to release the last week of October, we can assume this is when Fortnitemares 2020 will kick off.

Leaked Skins

Unfortunately, we do not have leaked skins when it comes to Fortnitemares 2020.

All we have so far was a leaked skin bundle added during the last patch, this one is called the Goth Legends bundle and can be viewed down below.

Goth Legends min 4
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SWEET - These skins look awesome!

We do not know when this bundle is going to release, but we can assume it will appear in the item shop around the time Fortnitemares kicks off.

This might not be the only Halloween-themed bundle we see in the item shop during the event!


Typically we see a flurry of leaks in the leadup to seasonal Fortnite events.

This time around we have not see any, as Epic have not added any of the Fortnitemares files into the game yet.

They will likely add these the day of the 14.40 patch; which is also the start date of the event.

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Previous Skins

If you are looking to see what type of skins Epic has released in the past, check out a few example from previous Fortnitemares.

Fortnitemares 2019 - Halloween Challenges and Event
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Fortnitemares 2019 - Halloween Challenges and Event
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Fortnite Fortnitemares COUNTDOWN: Start date, time, skins, leaks,  challenges, patch notes | Gaming | Entertainment |
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Hopefully we see some epic skins like last years this time around!

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