Fortnite: Leaked Gingerbread Renegade Raider Skin! PS5 Exclusive Skin and More Leaked Skins!

Chapter 2 Season 4 is now at the halfway point!

The Marvel-themed season has been one of the best in quite some time and now we are looking ahead to Season 5.

Some Fortnite data miners have been able to uncover some skins that will be coming down the line!

Here they are. 


Twitter user and Fortnite data miner Fercho_UWU has reported that a new variation of the Renegade Raider skin will be coming this holiday season.

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As well, they managed to post a leak of what the cosmetic may appear to look like when it releases this winter.

This wil be the third variation of the Renegade Raider to be released.

It will join the original along with the Molton Blaze version that was released back in Chapter 2 Season 3!

Leaked Skin min 1
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PS5 Skin

The release of next-generation consoles is just around the corner, and Fortnite is porting over right away.

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HYPEX has confirmed that there will be some sort of PS5 Exclusive Skin when the console releases later this year.

This is not the first time we have seen a PlayStation exclusive skin, as there have been multiple skins released in the past!

Xbox Skin?

HYPEX also noted that there is a chance the Series X and Series S will be receiving their own skin down the line.

We will have to wait and see if this rumor pans out later down the line!

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