Every Vehicle Mod in Fortnite & How to Use Them

Modded vehicle in Fortnite

Modded vehicle in Fortnite

The latest season of Fortnite emphasizes vehicular combat, so it’s vital to know how to mod the vehicle as well as all the different mods available in the game.

The new sections added to the map this season are very focused on getting around using vehicles, and for the first time, cars can be equipped with different weapons. The guns you mod onto your car are powerful as well, so to excel in this season, it’s worth becoming familiar with the various cars and mods.

How to Mod Fortnite Cars

Vehicle mod box in Fortnite
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The good news is that modding your vehicle in Fortnite is unbelievably simple. All you need to do is drive over one of the crates found in the world, and whatever is inside will automatically be equipped.

When you first approach the box, it will state above, in small white writing, what is inside. Each box has a different logo on the side indicating what it is. For example, if the box contains new wheels, there will be a picture of a wheel on the side.

Every Vehicle Mod in Fortnite

There are three different types of mods you can currently find in Fortnite, and they are all listed in the table below:

Mod Type
Machine Gun Turret
Roof Mod
A machine gun that sits on the roof and is used by whoever sits in the passenger sit
Grenade Launcher Turret
Roof Mod
A grenade launcher that sits on the roof, used by the person sat in the passenger seat and has five grenades in the magazine
Cow Catchers
Bumper Mod
Allow the players car to drive through structures with ease also adds extra defences to the car
Spiked Bumper
Bumper Mod
Deals damage to structures and other players upon impact
Off-Road Tires
Tire Mod
Gives extra traction to the car when driving off-road
Bulletproof Tires
Tire Mod
Makes the cars tires completely indestructible so they won't pop

That’s all there is to know about the vehicle mods. If you’re looking for more guides, check out our Fortnite homepage, where we’ve already covered how to unlock Magneto, where to find a Slurp Cactus, and more.

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