Where to Find a Slurp Cactus in Fortnite

Running in Fortnite

Running in Fortnite

As part of the overhauled map in the latest season of Fortnite, the game has also seen the addition of the Slurp Cactus. To complete the Week One challenges, players will need to find and use a Slurp Cactus to gain 300 health or shield.

Below, we’ve outlined where you can find the Slurp Cactus, their look, and how to use them while playing the game.

Where to Find Slurp Cactus

Slurp Cactus in Fortnite
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Fortunately, the Slurp Cactus has been dotted all around the map since it’s been updated, but they’re most common in the new biome located to the south, called the wasteland. You can spot them as they’re quite a bit taller than the character models and look like usual cacti, but they have sizeable blue fruit and a blue glow surrounding the whole thing. There is also an image of the big plant pictured above.

How to Use the Slurp Cactus

Using the Slurp Cactus is dead simple; if you’re on foot, you just go over and whack it with your harvesting tool, and once it pops, it will give you either health or shield, depending on what you need. You can also drive over the plants in a vehicle, destroying the cactus and gaining the shield/health simultaneously. The other positive is that it heals the player and the vehicle they're in.

That’s all there is to know about the Slurp Cactus; for more guides, check out our Fortnite homepage, where we’ve covered everything from the Battle Pass to unlocking Magneto and more.

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