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04 Jul 2020

Fortnite: How To Collect All Floating Rings At Pleasant

Fortnite: How To Collect All Floating Rings At

This seems to be a common theme within the weekly challenges; now we move to Pleasant Park!

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Common Trend?

With so much to look forward to in Fortnite over the next couple of weeks, there are always weekly challenges to complete.

With the fourth week of challenges leaked by data miners, there seems to be a common challenge appearing again.

Floating Rings are back once again!

Here's how to collect them at Pleasant Park


This challenge debuted last week during the week three challenges, and it was one of the easiest ones yet.

Although these can be easy to find, we expect Epic to place some at some tricky locations.

Especially with how big the Pleasant Park POI is!


As of now, we do not know where the Floating Rings are going to be located at Pleasant Park.

We will be able to tell you where they are once Epic releases the week four challenges later this week.


SWEET - Easy XP is always good!

Common Trend?

According to @iFireMonkey this is also going to be another challenge during the week five challenges.

Making it three weeks in a row with a Floating Ring challenge!

Perhaps we are due for a Sonic collaboration sometime soon.