Fortnite Hightower Event: Rift, Thor, The Herald, Leaks, Rumors, When, Map Changes, Rift, Marauders, and More!



Fortnite is gearing up to release the brand new season in just a few short days.

We are now getting more news about the upcoming event.

This has included some juicy details from Fortnite themselves!

Let's take a look.


iFireMonkey has posted an image of the new in-game rifts that has appeared above Catty Corner.

We can assume this is where Thor, Galactus and The Hearld are going to appear when the in-game event occurs!

Catty Corner Rift 1
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BATTLE - When is the battle?


It appears Fortnite data miners have been adopting the code name 'Hightower' for the season-ending event.

This is due to fact that Epic has used Hightower as a code name within the files that were encrypted during the recent patch.

Like Fortnite events in the past, we are sure the event is going to have an official name soon.

But as of now, we do not know if Hightower is going to be the final name!


Well known Fortnite data miner, iFireMonkey was leaking all the news behind the new Hightower event this morning.

One of the more notable leaks was an image they found of what the event would leave behind on the map.

Hightower Markings
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MARKS - What could this mean?

What has fans up in arms over this leak, is the shocking resemblance with the markings on the Crested Cape back bling.

Which was released all the way back in March 2018!

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ODD - Did they intend this?

Ambient Noise

iFireMonkey was also able to post a minute-long video detailing some noise which will be heard during the event.

Check it out at the link here!


HYPEX, another Fortnite leaker posted the following tweet.

Rift 1
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NICE - The event is happening soon!

It is unknown what this could mean for the event, but for those who do not know, we have been seeing rifts all season.

As this is how the Marauders drop onto the map during the match. So there might be some relation between the two.

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HYPEX also noted where the craters, rift and Hightower will appear on the map!

Hightower Locations 1
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