Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Trailer: Reveal Date, Premiere, Leaks, Rumors, Hero Skins, Delays, Details and More!

Players will soon be able to experience Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, or Season 14.

The release date of the season is almost here!

While we've seen plenty of supposed leaks of the trailer, we now have its official premiere date!

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Chapter 2 Season 4 trailer.

Premiere Date Revealed!

It's official, the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 trailer will premiere on 27 August at 2am EST.

You can watch the premiere live here when it comes!

Details Revealed

HYPEX, who is perhaps the most known Fortnite leaker has revealed the details of the Season 4 trailer.

Season 4 Trailer Details 1
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WOW - What could happen?

Will It Be Leaked Again?

It appears that every season the Battle Pass Trailer and the overview of the new season will get leaked hours before, sometimes even days.

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This happened for the most recent season, Chapter 2 Season 3; so there is a good chance it will happen again.

However, only time will tell; but our money is on it being leaked a few days before the release!

How Many Trailers

Every season Epic has released two trailers at the same time. One for the Battle Pass, which showcases all of the new skins and accessories.

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The second trailer is a typical overview of all of the new changes for the season, as seen above; this included all of the new locations and new mechanics.

More Super Heroes?

With the last two seasons, we've got some amazing new Hero skins including Aquaman, Deadpool and Captain America.

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We can expect more of this content to release with Season 4, as we know of a leak pointing towards readable comics in-game.

Release Date

If they do not get leaked as in previous seasons, Fortnite will post them as soon as the new season is live.

This will happen on August 27th, 2020!

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Season 4 Delays?

There is a possibility Season 4 will be delayed, similar to the last few seasons, but for a very different reason.

Both Apple and Google have filed Lawsuits against Epic Games for changing the payment system on Fortnite.

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Although Epic has said this lawsuit won't affect the release of Season 4, there's always a chance other factors will.

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