Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Vehicle Guide!: Best Vehicles, Mobility, Movement and More!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is here! The new season brings a new battle pass, locations, map changes and more!

Season 3 also brings new vehicles like sharks, cars and trucks. This will probably change up the way people move around the map.

Make sure to use caution when moving around the flooded areas of the map, as there will likely be sharks here, and yes, they will attack you.

Here, we'll cover everything you need to know about these vehicles and how the map change affects them.


Boats can be found at various locations around the map.

aquaman skin in fortnite season 3
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After the Season 3 update, there seems to be a huge abundance of these vehicles around the map.

The majority of the left portion of the map is flooded, so boats are the main way to navigate this portion of the map.

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You are very exposed and easy to pick off, so stay cautious if you plan to be in a boat for an extended period of time.

Cars and Trucks

From the Season 3 trailer, we can see cars and trucks being used to get around the map.

fortnite season 3 map underwater
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Unfortunately, we don't have access to these vehicles yet, so it's difficult to speculate how they'll function.

The closest thing we've had to cars were the golf buggies introduced in Season 5.

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The buggies were a fan favourite and allowed for fast movement for extended periods of time.


This Season, Epic has added an awesome water ski feature.

fortnite season 3 shark vehicle
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To utilise the shark's movement, you'll need a fishing rod. This takes up a slot in your inventory, so you'll have to give up an item for this mobility.

The harpoon won't give you the same results and will end up damaging the shark.

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You are also very vulnerable in this mode so be ready to retreat when enemies are near.


Helicopters or "Choppas" are returning from Season 2. These allow you to travel in the air and with great speed.

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Unlike the planes from Chapter 1, you can't deploy your glider after jumping, so you can find yourself in some sticky situations.

If you're playing squads, the Helicopter is a great option for fast movement and rotations to the next circle.

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Players have become well adapted to these now, and find themselves well balanced in the current meta.

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