Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: Latest Update - Patch Notes 12.61, Countdown, Skilled Based Matchmaking & More

New seasons of Fortnite often bring with them new content and cosmetics, as well as drastic thematic changes that help to keep it moving forward.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is primed to arrive very soon, but ahead of the big update, a fresh set of patch notes have been released.

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Update 12.61 Patch Notes

There were a number of issues that needed addressing since the last update:

  • Numbers were not changing on sports-themed Outfits
  • When changing the number for a sports-themed Outfit, the change may not apply
  • Unable to refund Dragacorn Glider
  • Owners of the Dragacorn Glider may not have been given the option to refund it after its animation changed in v12.60
  • Hit / Damage Indicators will sometimes appear to be coming from the wrong direction than the source of the damage
  • Investigating an issue on iOS that is causing players to hitch at a high rate, potentially leading to a crash

These issues could do with being fixed in the face of Chapter 2 Season 3's imminent launch.

Hand Cannon
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DEAGLE DREAMS: We've heard rumours that this pocket rocket could be making a return!

For all the details on the new features expected to come with the seasonal update, head over to our countdown piece.

Skill Based Matchmaking

While skill-based matchmaking essentially spares low-levelled players from being pitted against those who are a much higher level, it is widely considered as an unnecessary feature.

skill based matchmaking fortnite 1
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After all, it does slow down matchmaking considerably.

Well, here's the news you’ve all been waiting for…

There is no longer skill based matchmaking in Fortnite!

Well, in Squads that is, since it will still carry on in Duos.

For more details on why the developers finally bent to the will of the community, head over to the article.

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