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23 Mar 2020

Fortnite: Bassassin Challenge Pack - Release Date, Price, Skins and Full Details!

Fortnite: Bassassin Challenge Pack - Release Date, Price,
Skins and Full Details!

The latest skin bundle coming to Fortnite is such is a catch - Here's how to get it!

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Fishy Assassin

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Release Date

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is nearing its home stretch, this season has been one of the best ones in quite some time. With no broken weapons and fun solid updates over the course of the season thus far.

Cosmetic packs have always been apart of the Fortnite item shop, from time to time Epic Games release some special one. Such as the Slurp Legends one, released just last week!

Now, it appears a new one is making its way into the item shop. Let's check it out!

Fishy Assassin


SILENT KILLER - Epic Games sure loves this Fish skin!

Renown Fortnite data miner @Lucas7Yoshi was one of the first data miners to reveal the full details surrounding this new cosmetic pack.

As pictured above, the skin and bundle pack has been titled "Bassassin Challenge Pack"; and for those who do not know is modelled after the iconic Fortnite fish skin.

Since the release of Fishstick all the way back in Season 8, Epic Games has released multiple variants of the skin, one for each season usually.

As well, they have released other Fishstick inspired skins into the item shop that are not twinned to the original skin.

Release Date

New Fishstick Style

SPY - Fishstick has multiple personas

There is no confirmed release date of the new challenge pack yet, we can suspect it will be released in the coming weeks, however.

Keep in mind that Epic had just released the Slurp Legends bundle into the item shop, so it might be at least two weeks before they switch the shop up!



CHEAP? - This challenge pack is no going to cost much!

We do not have any official word on how much the Bassassin Challenge Pack is going to cost, we can speculate though.

Going off of previous challenge packs and starter packs, this bundle will probably be anywhere from $7.99-$11.99 USD!


Bassaasin 2

SILENT - What kind of mischief is this fish up too?

It appears we are just going to get one skin with this new bundle, "Contract Giller" is the name found within the game files for the new fish skin.

This skin will come with two variants as well, with and without the shades. Along with the skin, we are also going to get an adorable back bling to complete the set!

Not only will we get the skins with this bundle, but we are also going to get some skin-specific challenges that will reward the player with Vbucks!

Up to 1000 Vbucks can be earned with these challenges!