*UPDATED* Fortnite Atlantis POI - Map Changes, Rumours & more

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Chapter 2 Season 3's release is one of the best we've ever seen in Fortnite.

With the water levels are dropping every week, with more areas to explore.

Could a new POI be the mythical land of Atlantis?

Atlantis POI Confirmed!

It looks the release date for the Atlantis POI was indeed - Saturday, 1 August!

merlin atlantis poi confirmed date
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COMING SOON - Looks like we could be going underwater very soon

As shown by @Merl, they even supply a time - 3am ET / 8am BST.

The new area dubbed Coral Castle is now in the game!


Since the release of the season, data miners have been hard at work trying to find all the secrets Epic have been hiding.

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One of the major leaks that has been noted is a massive POI that will appear at some point during the season.

This POI will be located just North of Sweaty Sands, and will only appear when the water levels are basically gone from the map.

fortnite aquaman 1229285 1
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SEE IT - Look in the background for clues!

The above image was released recently, and we can see hints of the new POI in the background!

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From what we can tell, this POI looks to be sprawling with buildings!

Release Date

Going off of the leaked water levels map, that was provided to us by iFireMonkey, we are able to see when the Atlantis POI will be here.

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From what we can tell, it will not be present until the very last reduction of the water levels!

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WATER - Top right!

Hopefully, this water level comes with some time to spare in the current season!


Below are some images of the leaked POI that data miners such as iFireMonkey and HYPEX have provided us.

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So, this POI will be MASSIVE - but we do not know what kind of buildings are gonna be here yet!

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