Fortnite Craggy Cliffs: POI Guide – Chest Spawns, Loot and More!

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It seems like this season is flying by and with the water levels decreasing yet again, we have more map to explore.

One of the POIs from last season that players now able to explore again is Craggy Cliffs.

With an ample amount of loot, and some boat spawns this POI may be the one for you!

Here's how to dominate it.


Where Is It?

Craggy Cliffs was once the most northern POI on the map, but it has since lost this title to The Yacht.

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You will find it directly south of The Yacht, and north of Risky Reels!

It can be noticed with its massive clock tower located at the center of the POI.

Craggy Cliffs
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ISOLATED - One of the most subtle POIs!


Chest Spawns

Thanks to LootLake.Info, we are able to see where all of the chest spawns are at Craggy Cliffs.

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As the water levels continue to decrease over the coming weeks, there will probably be more chests to loot as well!

Craggy Chests
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NICE - Decent amount of loot!

So, there are a total of 15 chest spawns currently at Craggy Cliffs; with the potential for more as the season progresses!


Rotations and Movement

Since this is one of the northernmost POIs on the map, you might encounter some tricky roates.

Do not fear however, as there are plenty of boats to the south of Craggy Cliffs.

As well, you can swim the whole way down the map until The Authority!

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Changing Tides

At the start of Season 3, we saw the Fortnite map flood like never before.


This made rotating out of your landing spot/POI more difficult than usual.

As the Season goes on more of the map will become accessible. This means more locations will be available for you to access and loot.

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With the addition of Cars and Trucks, we'll be moving around the map faster than ever!