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16 Jul 2020

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Arena Rewards - Vbucks, Tournaments, Money, and More!

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It seems like this season is flying by and with the water levels decreasing yet again, we have more map to explore.

With any new season means a new Arena playlist to grind all the way to the top.

Players have already amassed so many Arena points, but do we get anything for playing so much?

Here's what players can get!


The best part about reaching Champions Division is the number of events you will be able to play in.

The 6,000 point threshold is the minimum required to play in the following events:

  • Champion Trio Cash Cups
  • Platform Cash Cups
  • Solo FNCS

LANDING - Where are you going to be landing?

All of these events have the chance to pay out big, if you place high enough.

As well, they offer some great experience against some of the best Fortnite professional players all over the world.


Although you are not going to be rewarded with money for all of the Arena points you muster, you will have the chance to earn some!

Most of the events pay out a considerable amount, but it will be quite the journey to get into money territory.

VM 2

COMEBACK - Will these be returning soon?


Unfortunately, Epic has never given out Vbucks for placing in tournaments.

We assume this will not change in the coming seasons as well!