Microsoft Flight Simulator: Airport List, Deluxe & Premium Editions, Trailer & More

Microsoft Flight Simulator will feature every single airport in the world, but some will be more prominent than others.

Here are all the airports to watch out for in MFS!

Latest news - Microsoft Flight Simulator Released

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available on PC, as well as on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Depending which version of the game you buy, it will entitled to some additional handcrafted airports.

Planes and Airports Trailer

There's officially a new exciting trailer for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!

You can watch it in full below:

This trailer covers all of the planes and hand-craft airports in the game - giving us some stunning visuals that have us all ready for the closed beta period.

Flight Simulator 2020 airports

Every single airport in the world is on Flight Simulator 2020.

That said, some have been handcrafted by the MFS team to provide extra detail.

These are all the improved airports available on the Standard Edition of the game:

  • Aspen/Pitkin County Airport (Colorado, USA)
  • Bugalaga Aitrstrip (CAMA) (Indonesia)
  • Chagual Airport (Peru)
  • Courchevel Altiport (France)
  • Donegal Airport (Ireland)

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  • Entebbe International Airport (Uganda)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport (Portugal)
  • Gibraltar International Airport (Gibraltar, UK)
  • Innsbruck Airport (Austria)
  • Los Angeles International Airport (California, USA)

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  • Tenzing-Hillary Aiport (Nepal)
  • Nanwalek Airport (Alaska, USA)
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York, USA)
  • Orlando International Airport (Florida, USA)
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (France)
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Fly out of the iconic JFK airport

  • Paro International Airport (Bhutan)
  • Queenstown Airport (New Zealand)
  • Mariscal Sucre International Airport (Ecuador)
  • Rio de Janeiro-Antonio Carlos Jobim/Gaelao Int'l Aiport (Brazil)
  • Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport (Dutch Saba)

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  • Gustaf III Airport (France, Saint Barthelemy)
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Washington, USA)
  • Sedona Airport (Arizona, USA)
  • Sirena Aerodrome (Costa Rica)
  • Stewart Airport (British Columbia, Canada)

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  • Sydney Airport (Australia)
  • Telluride Regional Airport (Colorado, USA)
  • Haneda Airport (Japan)
  • Toncontin International Airport (Honduras)
  • Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (Ontario, Canada)

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Additonal Airports for Deluxe and Premium Editions

If you move for one of the more lucrative Editions of Flight Simulator 2020, you will receive additional details airports alongside additional aircraft.

In the Deluxe Edition, you will receive the following airports on top of all of those included in the Standard Edition:

  • Amsterdam Aiport Schipol (Netherlands)
  • Cairo International Airport (Egypt)
  • Cape Town International Airport (South Africa)
  • O'Hare International Airport (Chicago, USA)
  • Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas (Spain)

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In the Premium Edition, you will receive the following airports on top of all of those included in the Standard and Deluxe Editions:

  • Denver International Airport (Colorado, USA)
  • Dubai International Airport (UAE)
  • Frankfurt Airport (Germany)
  • Heathrow Airport (UK)
  • San Francisco International Airport (California, USA)

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For a comprehensive overview of which airports are available for each Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 edition, you can read over the following chart:

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NOW BOARDING AT PRICE GATE: Some of the enhanced airports require you purchase the larger editions of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

While this will undoubtedly be a let down to some fans, the sheer number of airports to be seen in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is not to be taken lightly. You'll still get plenty bang for your buck.

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