Microsoft Flight Simulator: 7 Best Locations To Visit – Screenshots, Trailer, Every Airport & more

The upcoming Flight Simulator will feature a fully rendered world. Yes, we do mean the entire planet.

by Oscar Dobbins
microsoft flight simulator locations march update release date trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to release later this year!

We already know the simulator will be a full-scale real-world environment in which the players can fully explore.

This leads to many new opportunities and experiences that can be delivered, that previously has not been possible due to both hardware and software constraints.

Continue reading below for our top picks for the best locations you need to visit in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Yosemite Valley, United States of America

For our first location, we’ll be visiting the Yosemite Valley, home of the Half Dome Mountain.

yosemite half dome
YOSEMITE – The Half Dome is the iconic selling point for tourists.

With its iconic shape, the mountain is like no other and can be fully experienced in the Flight Sim.

The Yosemite park is known for its outstanding views of mountainous terrains and dense forest. The closest airport you should take off from is the Mariposa-Yosemite Airport

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The rest of the natural park contains other beautiful mountains and landscapes that are a must-see when it comes to beautiful locations around the world.

America has many amazing locations; our next location is also situated in the USA as well as a few other’s further down the list.

Grand Canyon, United States of America

Our next location is also in America. The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona and is a breath-taking sight to behold.

grand canyon flight simulator
GRAND ADVENTURE – Explore every inch of the Canyon!

With a mix of narrow and wide canyons that, yes, you can fly through!

This is the main reason why the Grand Canyon is a must-see in Flight Simulator. It’s around five-thousand square kilometres, meaning you’ll have plenty of breathing room whether you’re new to flying or a veteran.

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Take off from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport to be the first to see it in all of its glory!

Dubai, UAE

Abu Dhabi is one of the wealthiest cities n the world as is at the heart of the United Arab Emirates.

dubai buildings skyline flight simulator
LUXURY IN BULK – From tip to base, Dubai is filled with beautiful scenes,
all fully rendered in Flight Sim!

Dubai is home to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world standing at a colossal 830m to the tip. You’ll be able to experience the building base to tip in Flight Simulator!

Dubai also has many man-made islands which are a wonder to experience from the sky.

To get a closer look, take off from the Dubai International Airport and experience this amazing city for yourself!

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

You may be why we haven’t listed Mount Everest as the best mountain to visit in Flight Simulator. We have picked Kilimanjaro due to its immense scale when compared to its surroundings.

zebras kilimanjaro africa flight simulator
SUMMIT THE PEAK – Take in the amazing African wildlife while heading to the summit of the mountain!

Kilimanjaro stands at 5895m tall and is the largest free-standing mountain in the world. Meaning there are no other mountains to compare to the ginormous scale of this beast!

Tanzania also has some amazing flora and fauna to appreciate on your way to the summit.

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To get to Kilimanjaro, take off from the Kilimanjaro International Airport, and begin your trip to the top.

New York City, United States of America

New York is most likely on everyone’s bucket list as a place to visit due to its immense skyscrapers and diverse culture throughout Manhattan Island.

flight simulator new york
CONCRETE JUNGLE – View Ney York’s unique skyline in Flight Simulator!

For this reason, we’ve put the glorious city on this list.

Its expansive skyline is magnificent with many corridors of buildings to fly over, and iconic structures to inspect such as The Chrysler Building and The Empire State building.

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To get here take off from JFK (John F. Kennedy) International Airport and be over the city in no time.

You never know, you may see Spider-Man on the way!

Barringer Meteor Crater, United States of America

For our sixth location, we are returning to the USA for the final time.

giant barringer meteor crater arizona flight simulator
NOT QUITE A SPACE RACE – Unfortunately, there has been no announced
space travel coming with the new Simulator!

The Barringer Meteor Crater is the largest meteor crater in the whole of North America and is located in the Arizona Desert. Not far from the Grand Canyon!

The crater is 1186m wide and 171m deep. It not only makes you consider the size of the meteor but where it came from…

To get here, take off from Flagstaff Airport, just 37km away from the crater.

Rio De Janeiro

Rio is located in Brazil and is the final location on our list. Rio has a couple of spots that are a sight to behold from the sky.

rio de janeiro flight simulator
RIVER OF JANUARY – The skyline isn’t the only thing you need to experience
at Rio De Janeiro!

To begin with, the statue of Jesus that looks over the city, known as “Christ the Redeemer”, stands 98 feet tall and was completed in 1931.

Fly around this statue and get a true scale of how enormous it really is.

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The other main location in Rio is the Bay. This huge curved beach is a great tourist attraction for Rio, which looks even better from the sky.

Take-off at the Rio de Janeiro Airport and begin observing your surroundings immediately!

Oscar Dobbins