Will FIFA 23 be on Game Pass?

FIFA 22 is coming to the end of its cycle, with the Team of the Season promo underway in Ultimate Team signalling the winding down of this release.

That means it's time to look towards FIFA 23, which will be the last collaboration between EA and FIFA.

Find out if FIFA 23 will be released on game pass below.

Will FIFA 23 be on Game Pass?

The short answer is yes - probably!

It won't be available from launch, so subscribers will have to wait until around May if they want to get the title on Game Pass, which is when it has become available in the past.

FIFA 22 Messi
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A LONG WAIT - If you are wanting to get on FIFA 23 early, the Game Pass way isn't for you!

There is a catch, however, as you will need to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber to gain the EA Play titles.

On PC you only need the regular Game Pass subscription to gain the EA Play bonus.

What is Game Pass?

Game Pass is a subscription service offered by Microsoft which lets users get their hands on a wide array of titles each month from a growing and changing catalogue.

Xbox Game Pass is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices through Xbox Cloud Gaming, and PC Game Pass on computers using Windows 11 and Windows 10 with support for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Xbox Game Pass
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ULTIMATE ACCESS - Game Pass offers plenty of titles and ways to get on them

If a game is in the catalogue it game be downloaded and played an unlimited amount and can be purchased for a discounted price.

If a game is removed from the catalogue or a player ends their subscription then access to the title is suspended, however, in-game progress will still be saved, should they choose to buy the game or subscribe again in the future.

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