Is EA Sports FC FIFA 24?

After much rumour and speculation, EA has finally announced the branding for it's next football game, but is EA Sports FC FIFA 24? Fans everywhere are expecting an EA Sports football game in late September every year.

This franchise has been like clockwork, bringing football glory to the fingertips of millions around the world. Ever since Ultimate Team was introduced to the FIFA franchise the series has been a money-spinner for EA.

However, an acrimonious split between EA and FIFA over the licensing fee for use of the governing body's name had fans worried about FIFA 24. Well worry no more, EA Sports FC is here.

Is EA Sports FC FIFA 24?

The short answer is yes. The name of EA's football game in 2023 will be EA Sports FC. Confirmed in a press release on 6 April, the gaming giant will be shifting gear and officially marking its split from the FIFA name.

However, fans can expect EA Sports FC to be much like FIFA 23 in its design and play. The game is likely to simply be a re-branding of what FIFA 24 would have been.

Vinicius Jr celebrating a goal in FIFA 23
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EA may throw extra resources at the game this year to make sure EA Sports FC starts with a bang, but fans should look forward to a similar feeling game that they have been used to.

In their press release, EA confirmed that "fans will experience unrivaled authenticity with access to more than 19,000 fully licensed players, 700 teams and 30 leagues, with the support of over 300 global football partners".

Bukayo Saka in FIFA 23
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That's a lot of teams signed up to the game, so don't expect to see North London Reds or Catalunya FC in EA Sports FC. Of course, the split from FIFA does mean that the World Cup won't be included in the game, so we may not see international sides. With countries not being included in that list it is a worry, however a deal is in place with UEFA, so we shouldn't worry too much.

EA Sports FC release date

When it comes to an EA Sports FC release date nothing is confirmed yet, but hearing about the game so early is definitely a good sign for fans.

Rumours have been swirling that EA will try to get EA Sports FC out for the start of the football season in August. This would be a huge boost for players, but would also run it right up against EA's other massive title, Madden 24.

A recent leak suggests that EA Sports FC is taking aim at an earlier release than FIFA fans are used to though.

@DonkTrading's tweet suggesting an earlier than expected release date for EA Sports FC
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ON THE MONEY? - We're hoping this is right

We are hoping this is right, as we can't wait to see what EA has up its sleeve for this massive re-branding of the football series.

FIFA has already pre-empted this, with President Gianni Infantino saying there will be a new game using the FIFA name.

Tweet quoting Gianni Infantino regarding FIFA planning their own video game release
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All expectations are that this will be developed by 2K, EA's great rival when it comes to sports titles.

A FIFA 2K25 vs EA Sports FC war will only be good for players in the long run. This is the most exciting development for players since Ultimate Team was introduced.

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