FUTTIES Fiasco - EA's Pack-Only Decision Frustrates FIFA 23 Players

Credit: EA Sports

Credit: EA Sports

FUTTIES is the last big event in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team ahead of the impending release of EA Sports FC 24, and some fans are disappointed that cards will only be available via packs.

Some amazing players are part of FUTTIES Team 1, while others like Tim Cahill or Heung Min Son have gotten SBCs. Sadly, cards like a 99 OVR Cristiano Ronaldo or a mighty 97 OVR Angel Di Maria can only be acquired via packs.

Why is this bad, you ask? Well, because it removes a lot of player agency. In the past, you could try your best to complete Objectives or more SBCs to earn them. Now it's simply based on luck.

A quick look at the official FUT subreddit will show just how much fans are against the decision of placing FUTTIES items in packs.

One thread, titled "already an L for FUTTIES" has comments agreeing that this is a new low for EA. Putting FUTTIES items in packs defeats their purpose which is to allow players to get their hands on amazing cards easily as the game's support will die down soon.

They are ruining it. The literal point of FUTTIES is rerelease all promo cards and give juiced and transfer versions in SBCs of fan favourite cards and new signings. This is a new low for EA.

A second thread also had comments pointing out that whoever keeps supporting EA after this decision is part of the problem, as Ultimate Team continues to be less consumer-friendly than before.

Ngl (Not going to lie), everyone who still buys EAFC 24 after this is part of the problem. Why would they change anything about their business model, streamers and whales will still buy FIFA points, even in July. This sh*tty *ss company and game will never change.

It remains to be seen if EA will allow players to grind even more FUTTIES cards outside of getting them via packs with some Objectives sprinkled throughout.

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