FIFA 24 Ultimate Team: New features leaked

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fifa 24 ultimate team

We're looking ahead to the release of FIFA 24 and what innovations could be in store in the hugely popular Ultimate Team mode.

With EA and FIFA going their separate ways we could gain plenty of changes in the upcoming title, but there will also be consistency kept for loyal fans.

Find out everything you need to know about FUT in FIFA 24 and what you can expect to see in this year's game below.

LATEST - FIFA 24 Leaks

Prolific leaker @FUTZONEFIFA has taken to Twitter to reveal a host of new information regarding FC 24, with news leaking for pretty much every feature you can imagine.

Here's a breakdown of everything leaked so far by FUTZONE:

EA Sports FC New feature leaks
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RUMOURED CHANGES - FUTZONE has leaked some major new features for EA Sports FC

As you can see, the main headline features centre around dynamic packs and cross play coming to Pro Clubs.

Cross-play implementation for Pro Clubs has been wanted for some time and the arrival of this feature is set to please a wide range of players.

Something more controversial, however, is the confirmation that dynamic packs are coming to FC 24, with this feature rewarding those who spend money in the game.

FIFA 24 Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team has been the most popular game mode in FIFA titles for years and that will continue in FIFA 24.

It allows you to build a dream team that combines current players with retired legends, with promos dropping each week that include boosted special cards, to increase the power of your squad.

pele fifa 24 ultimate team
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LEGEND - Ultimate Team unites players from the past and present

Rivals and FUT Champions provide the most competitive gameplay in the title, where you face other gamers to test out your squad and skill level.

There is plenty to do in Ultimate Team, with multiple modes within it of varying difficulty and requiring varying skill sets.

FIFA 24 Release Date

FIFA 24 is not in development yet, with FIFA looking for a new developer to create the game with after the split from EA.

This means there is no FIFA 24 release date yet, although we would expect it to land towards the end of September 2023, as this is when fans are used to getting the new title.

The rival game from EA Sports, titled FC 24, is in development and will likely come at the usual time.

Although nothing is official, we expect an FC 24 release date of Friday, 29 September.

FUT Web App & Companion App

The FUT Web App and Companion App allow you to stay on top of your FUT squad on the go.

The Web App can be accessed via an internet browser, with the Companion App coming for mobile devices.

fifa 23 fut web app
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ON THE GO - The Web App and Companion App allow you to manage your side remotely

You can keep active on the transfer market, complete SBCs in a flash and create your next squad all without needing to be on a console.

The Companion App will likely be available on iOS/iPhone/App Store and Andriod once again, with itself and the Web App both granting Early Access to FIFA 24 Ultimate Team before worldwide release!

FUT Game Modes

There may be some revisions or innovations coming in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team, however, we expect the usual game modes will be available to play once more.

Division Rivals & FUT Champions

The most competitive game modes for Ultimate Team players, test your skills against human opposition and climb up the divisions.

You can also play qualifying games to enter FUT Champions, where you will have a limited number of matches to complete in a short time frame to earn the biggest rewards.

fut champions fifa 24
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BEAT THE BEST - Put your skills to the test in FUT Champions

FIFA 22 saw an update to the qualification process which helps fit games around your schedule, and also brought in a new rewards system in FUT Champions, which featured in FUT 23, so will likely be rolled out again.

Squad Battles

Competing against the computer, Squad Battles is only really played to complete objectives, as it can be monotonous and time-consuming.

A noticeable improvement in CPU ability has spiced it up a little in FIFA 23, but there are still plenty of improvements that could be made here.

FUT Friendlies

Many objectives now need completing in the Live FUT Friendlies, and it can often be the most fun game mode because of that.

Assembling new teams within certain requirements keeps the play fresh, and when playing to the unofficial Golden Goal rule you can whizz through multiple objectives in no time.

FUT Draft

Create a squad using a player pool of all the cards released in Ultimate Team throughout the campaign, picking from a random selection of players for each position in your side.

fut draft
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DECISIONS, DECISIONS - Play Draft and build a team from random cards

Pit yourself against a human or CPU opposition, then play up to four matches, if you lose you get knocked out - the more wins you get, the better the rewards!

Squad Building Challenges

Not really a game mode, but an essential part of the Ultimate Team experience, Squad Building Challenges (or SBCs) help you unlock special players, packs and occasionally objectives.

Submit a team based on the SBCs requirements using players from your FUT Club, trade them in and reap the rewards.



Moments was a new mode introduced in FUT 23 that sets up specific gameplay scenarios (such as score a volley, don't concede, win the match) to quickly play through.

fut moments
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QUICK QUESTS - Take to the Moments tab and play through mini-challenges

You will always compete against a CPU on easy difficulties, only for a few minutes and not a full game, and by completing the tasks you will earn Stars.

Trade in the Stars in the Moments Gallery to earn various pack rewards.

Icons & FUT Heroes

It's not just about the current crop of players in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team, with Icon and FUT Heroes cards a massive part of the experience.

The roster got a bit of a mix-up in FIFA 23, with some Icon cards dropping out, others converted to FUT Heroes, and Gerd Muller, Jairzinho and Xabi Alonso joining the crew!

fifa 23 ultimate team icons
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ICONIC - Icon cards let you play with past masters of the game

Icons come in different versions, with the standard Base, Mid and Prime types joined by Campaign Icons in FUT 23, which saw the cards included in various promos throughout the season.

Discover more about FIFA 24 Icons here.

FUT Hero cards were first introduced in FIFA 22 and have been a huge hit, celebrating the careers of fan-favourite players.

fifa fut heroes
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HEROIC - Fan-favourite players are celebrated with FUT Hero cards

The 19 original FUT Heroes were joined by an additional 22 in FUT 23 and we expect the roster to keep growing in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team.

FUT Hero cards have also gained upgrades throughout the Ultimate Team campaigns, with boosted versions joining various promos and becoming some of the best cards in the game.

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