FIFA 24 Release Date - When will the new game come out?

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Before we get into more details regarding FIFA 24's release, it's important to understand that FIFA as we know it will be getting a name change this year.

Following the well-documented dispute between EA and FIFA, the two have parted ways. This means what used to be FIFA will now be known as EA Sports FC.

FIFA has assured fans that a FIFA 24 will still be made, although the search for a developer for their new game is ongoing.

So, when will FIFA 24 actually hit the shelves? Find out below.

Release Date

As stated previously, FIFA 24 is not even in development yet. This means a release date for the new title has not yet been set.

As for EA Sports FC, whilst no release date has been officially confirmed, we do have a pretty good idea of when the game will be released.

EA Sports FC will be released in late September 2023, in keeping with the releases of FIFA titles over recent years.

An early guess for the specific release date would be Friday, 29 September 2023.

More on EA Sports FC

Concrete information surrounding the new EA Sports FC title is hard to come by, with more official info not arriving until July 2023.

EA's initial announcement did contain the words "Join the Club" which could allude to a switch to a subscription-based model.

Early rumours suggest that EA Sports FC will very much resemble what would have been FIFA 24, with EA retaining all the same licenses in-game.

Leaks have also (unofficially) confirmed that all the popular game modes will be returning in EA Sports FC, including Ultimate Team, Career Mode and Seasons.

According to reports, the first ever Online Career Mode is also in development for EA's new game.

EA released the following in its original announcement of EA Sports FC:

"EA SPORTS FC will allow us to realize this future and much more…but not before we deliver our most expansive game ever with our current naming rights partner, FIFA, for one more year."
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