FIFA 23 - Wrexham owners make HILARIOUS commentary cameo

FIFA 23 Wrexham

FIFA 23 Wrexham

FIFA 23 has gotten off to a mixed start, but there's no doubt that EA Sports are doing their best to make this year's instalment feel the best it's ever been.

With that in mind, a recent easter egg discovered by Wrexham fans has brought a smile to many faces, with their Hollywood owners appearing in the game.

Check below to find out about this star-studded cameo in FIFA 23.

Wrexham Owners in FIFA 23

Wrexham's Hollywood owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have bafflingly appeared in FIFA 23.

The acting superstars took over the club a few years ago and have become local sensations since they joined, with a commitment to the community and a TV show documenting their time at the top.

The Hollywood lure was enough to see Wrexham added into FIFA, making them the only National League side (England's fifth tier) to be available in the game.

Now, Reynolds and McElhenney are available to listen to on commentary, with the comedic duo making a typically tongue-in-cheek cameo.

The pair join traditional commentators for a momentary cameo, talking about Wrexham and very much downplaying their opponents.

How to

Accessing this little easter egg could not be simpler.

All you have to do is play a game with Wrexham and keep an ear out for the appearance of these Hollywood stars.

At times, the commentary will play at the start of the game but it could also happen any time during the match.

One thing is for sure, this little addition has gone a long way, and fans of Wrexham are more than happy to have their owners representing in football's biggest game.

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