FIFA 23: Will the new game allow five substitutions?

FIFA 22 is in full flow now with the Team of the Season (TOTS) promo currently running in Ultimate Team.

However, it's time to look ahead to EA's next instalment in the franchise - FIFA 23.

With some major rule changes coming to football next year, we're taking a look at whether you will be able to make five substitutions in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Release Date

With the next game such a long way off we won’t see an official release date for many months, but we always have a rough idea of when the game will arrive.

FIFA 22 was fully launched on Friday, 1 October 2021, so if EA follows the same trend, then Friday, 30 September 2022 could be our release date next year.

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GONE ARE THE DAYS - We don't expect FIFA Demos to return any time soon

This would mean early access for pre-orders from Tuesday, 27 September for those who buy the Ultimate Edition of the game.

The 10-hour EA Play trial usually offers players a limited number of hours of gaming too and goes live even earlier than pre-orders so expect to see that around a week before the full launch.

Will FIFA 23 allow five subs?

Premier League clubs will be able to make five substitutions each game from next season after the club shareholders agreed to change the rules.

Five substitutes were introduced across the game in May 2020 after the shutdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Premier League was the only major competition to abandon the rule because some clubs felt it gave those with bigger squads an unfair advantage.

However, as stated previously, five substitutions will be inplemented from the start of the 2022/23 campaign.

So, we expect FIFA 23 to allow you five substitutions unless you customise it in the Game Settings, though this is not yet confirmed.

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