When do Division Rival rewards come out in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

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FIFA 23 is here and FUT fanatics are enjoying the relentless Ultimate Team content as well as playing in competitive game modes.

The Road to the Knockouts (RTTK) promo will soon be replaced by the Rulebreakers event and plenty of SBCs are dropping left, right and centre.

Now that we are a couple of weeks into the FUT 23 game cycle, Division Rivals rewards will be a staple each week for Ultimate Team players.

So, find out the exact release date and time for Div Rivals rewards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team below.

Release Date & Time

Division Rivals rewards will be made available to claim in Ultimate Team every Thursday at the following times:

  • 8am UTC
  • 9am BST
  • 4am ET

As soon as the Div Rivals rewards come out, the competition resets for the week and you can start earning your weekly wins again.

Find out how you can claim your FIFA 23 Division Rivals rewards via the Web App or console right here.

Division Rivals Explained

FUT Division Rivals is an online mode in FIFA Ultimate Team, allowing both solo and co-op play.

Players will compete against one another to earn weekly and seasonal rewards.

mbappe fifa 23 ultimate team
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HOLY GRAIL - Mbappe will be the crown jewel for most FUT squads

Weekly rewards will be dished out to players who meet the following criteria:

  • Basic Rewards - Winning 4 matches that week
  • Upgrade Rewards - Winning 8 matches that week

The higher your rank, the better your packs will be.

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