FIFA 23 Division Rivals: Rewards, Milestones, Checkpoints & more

Another season of Ultimate Team is coming in FIFA 23, with Division Rivals set to be where the competition gets fierce.

The Rivals game mode offers players the chance to earn rewards, complete objectives, and push themselves further up the FUT rankings.

With the new milestone and checkpoint system coming back for a second season, make sure you know all there is to know ahead of FIFA 23.

What is Division Rivals?

FUT Division Rivals is an online mode in FIFA Ultimate Team, allowing both solo and co-op play.

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HOLY GRAIL - Mbappe will be the crown jewel for most FUT squads

Players will compete against one another to earn weekly and seasonal rewards.

Weekly Rewards

Weekly rewards will be dished out to players who meet the following criteria:

  • Basic Rewards - Winning a set number of matches that week (4 in FIFA 22)
  • Upgrade Rewards - Winning a set number of matches that week (8 in FIFA 22)

The higher your rank, the better your packs will be.

Milestone Rewards

Milestone rewards arrive at the end of each FUT season, which is between 6-8 weeks long.

Playing matches regardless of the result earns progress towards Milestone rewards, and your rank will determine the value of your rewards.


There are 11 divisions in FUT Rivals, with Division 10 the lowest, working all the way through from 10-1, with the subsequent Elite Division the highest level.

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AMONG THE ELITE - The very best FIFA players will compete in the Elite Division

Players will face other users of similar ranking to them, with tougher opponents in the higher divisions.

Promotion and Relegation

Players who reach the Elite Division will not be relegated for the duration of the active FUT Season.

Unless there is a checkpoint preventing relegation, players will be promoted or relegated from other divisions based on their win/loss record.

Each win advances you one stage, with a winning streak (two wins in a row) advancing you two stages.

A draw keeps you at the same stage, while a loss will set you back one stage unless you have reached a checkpoint.

FUT Champs Qualification

You will earn FUT Champions Qualifier Points by winning or drawing matches in Division Rivals.

The higher your Division, the more qualifying points you will earn.

These can then be redeemed for entry into FUT Champions Play-Off.

Unused points carry over to the following week.

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