What is Icon Swaps & how does it work in FUT 23?

EA has released some fantastic Ultimate Team content so far in FIFA 23, with the Rulebreakers promotional event currently going strong.

However, now that we are a few weeks into the game cycle, some players are beginning to turn their heads towards the Icon Swaps campaign.

Icon Swaps gives the more casual player a chance to get their hands on the very best cards in the game as well as their childhood heroes.

Find out what the Icon Swaps campaign actually is and how it will work in FUT 23 below.

Icon Swaps Explained

The Icon Swaps campaign usually runs multiple times throughout the Ultimate Team calendar.

Icon Swaps essentially involves players earning tokens through gameplay objectives that can be used to claim Icons and pack rewards via SBCs.

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HYPE - FUT fanatics cannot wait for Icon Swaps

EA will roll out a number of gameplay objectives to be completed in Squad Battles, Division Rivals & FUT Friendlies during FIFA 23's Icon Swaps campaign.

The more Icon Swap objectives you complete, the more tokens you will unlock and the better rewards you can claim via SBCs.

Potential Rewards

FIFA 23's Icon Swaps rewards will be varied.

EA will likely offer different versions of selected Icons (Base/Mid/Prime), Icon pack upgrades and also unique player packs.

Take a look at FIFA 22's Icon Swaps 1 rewards:

  • 2 tokens – 25 x 81+ Player Pack
  • 3 tokens – 25 x 82+ Player Pack
  • 5 tokens – 25 x 83+ Player Pack
  • 6 tokens – Mid Iker Casillas
  • 7 tokens – Mid Rio Ferdinand
  • 8 tokens – Base or Mid ICON Pack
  • 9 tokens – Prime Marc Overmars
  • 10 tokens – Mid ICON Pack
  • 11 tokens – Mid Marcel Desailly
  • 12 tokens – Base Alessandro Del Piero
  • 13 tokens – 89+ Mid ICON Pack
  • 14 tokens – Base or Mid ICON Player Pick
  • 14 tokens – Prime Gianluca Zambrotta
  • 16 tokens – Mid or Prime ICON Pack
  • 17 tokens – Base, Mid, or Prime ICON Player Pick
  • 17 tokens – Mid Wayne Rooney

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