FIFA 23: These simple changes can make Ultimate Team 1000x better

There's still plenty going on in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with the Team of the Season (TOTS) underway and bringing us daily SBC and Objective content.

However, we're looking beyond the current game and ahead to FIFA 23 which will most likely be the last in the series between EA and FIFA.

With many fans currently unsatisfied with the state of FUT 22, we're focusing on a few simple changes that could make FIFA 23 Ultimate Team far more enjoyable.

Wins for draws

The toxicity within the competitive FIFA scene is at an all-time high at the moment.

The FUT Champions Weekend League and even Division Rivals are simply not as enjoyable to play compared to what it used to be.

A significant issue within these competitive FUT modes is people rage quitting when the scoreline is equal.

As you are probably aware, the reason that users quit when the scoreline is equal is that they know that the opponent is going to win.

Usually, the user realises that the opponent is better than them within the first few minutes of the game and decides to boot the ball out and quit.

This also has a negative impact on individual player stats (goal contributions), as the match still counts as a game played on the record.

EA simply must make a change for FIFA 23 or fewer people will bother playing these competitive game modes.

The easiest way to counteract this childish behaviour would be to hand wins to those that are quitted on.

Fresh menu features

There are several aspects of the Ultimate Team menus which could be tweaked for the better, in our opinion.

One of the most laborious processes within the FUT menus is claiming completed objectives.

If you are new to the game, you can complete several Foundations and Milestones objectives very quickly and multiple at once.

PLEASE EA - Some simple adjustments can make FUT 23 awesome
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PLEASE EA - Some simple adjustments can make FUT 23 awesome

However, manually having to click into each objective title and then select the specific completed objective can take longer than some matches because of the incredibly slow loading speed.

Similarly, when unlocking an objectives player, you'll need to claim four or five objectives at once which can be a painful task.

EA could simply add a 'Claim All' feature which would allow you to claim the entire set of objectives under one title all at once.

Manage the meta

We believe that an element of fun and excitement is taken out of Ultimate Team once everybody has incredible squads and players.

Unfortunately in FUT 22, the majority of squads were packed full of top-tier cards within just a few months of the game's release.

Now, in the month of May, every single Ultimate Team squad is filled with the very best Icons and special cards that are available in the game.

EVERY TIME - Every FUT squad is incredible these days
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EVERY TIME - Every FUT squad is incredible these days

Now, whilst we understand that it is enjoyable for players to unlock their favourite cards, there has to be some sort of limit applied here.

EA could simply alter the pack weight in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team to make sure that fewer top-tier Icons and special cards are available on the transfer market.

This would also increase the price of these cards, meaning fewer users could afford to purchase them.

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