FUT 23: Skill Move & Weak Foot boosts CONFIRMED for TOTW & POTM items

FIFA 23 is just days away from release and you can now get stuck into Ultimate Team via the FUT Web App.

The first Team of the Week (TOTW) squad of FIFA 23 is available in packs now and we can't wait for the release of the first Player of the Month SBCs.

These two mainstays of the mode will be even better this year after the information EA dropped in the latest Ultimate Team Patch Notes.

Skill Move & Weak Foot Boosts

The latest FUT patch notes revealed that the Team of the Week (TOTW) is getting an increase in the potential OVR a Featured TOTW item can get with the goal of increasing squad variety.

Featured TOTW items may also get Skill Moves and Weak Foot Attribute upgrades based on the moments that earned them a card.

FUT 23 will include POTM items from the Premiere League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, and Eredivisie.

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BRAZILIAN FLAIR - Neymar's five-star weak foot & skill moves make him one of the best in the game

Much like the Featured TOTW items, Player of the Month (POTM) boosts will be similar in FUT 23.

POTM items will be getting more drastic attribute changes and Weak Foot or Skill Moves to reflect their performances.

Although this is a small change, it could have huge ramifications, especially when applied to the top players in the game.

Skill moves and weak foot boosts can significantly change a card's usability, with certain positions requiring these attributes in order to compete with top teams.

Brilliant Benefactors

To some, an upgrade to skill moves and weak foot ability won't sound that overpowered.

However, if you are a skill merchant then this news will be music to your ears!

Take Lionel Messi as an example.

He has seen a drop to 81 PAC this year, meaning you won't be able to rely on pure speed to beat opponents.

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SLOWING DOWN - Messi has had his pace slashed in FIFA 23

If he features as a Player of the Month, not only will you be able to gain a version with boosted attributes, but there is a possibility he could come with five-star skill moves, opening up a whole new box of tricks to bamboozle defenders with.

Or look at Erling Haaland.

With the form he has been in he could end the season with multiple POTM SBCs, quite a frightening prospect!

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SAUCY STRIKER - Haaland has been in top form this season

He already has many qualities that make him a deadly forward, yet is let down by three-star skill moves and three-star weak foot.

If either, or even both, of those got increased a couple of times he could be totally lethal.

Gaining a five-star weak foot would allow the super striker to hit rockets with unerring accuracy however the ball falls at his feet.

And we haven't even mentioned the terrifying possibility that Kylian Mbappe would only need one POTM appearance to gain a five-star weak foot to go with his five-star skills...

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