FIFA 23: Proposed Chemistry Rework could prove DISASTROUS for Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 is just around the corner, with a host of exciting new features set to be announced over the course of the coming months.

With a recent leak suggesting that chemistry is set to be reworked in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, we want to take a look at the pros and cons of this potential new system.

With recent changes not always proving to be successful for FIFA, it's hard not to feel sceptical when we catch wind of another overhaul.

FIFA 23 Chemistry Leaks

A recent leak from WeaverImBMW4er suggests that a change could well be coming to chemistry in FIFA 23.

The leak suggests that nation/league chemistry links will be a thing of the past, with all players seemingly able to link with one another.

The leak also suggests that chemistry will be replaced by a star system, with teams able to reach a maximum of 3 chemistry stars for their team.

Disastrous Implications

If the leaks are true, we could be looking at another change that will wipe away some of Ultimate Team's authentic challenges.

One of the main tasks for any FUT player is finding a way to fit their players into their team without compromising on chemistry.

With chemistry proving important for player performance, stripping away this element could lead to even more ridiculous teams in FIFA 23.

Pointless Icons

This change could also prove to be another nail in the coffin for Icons, with their special ability to link to everyone becoming completely obsolete if all other players can do the same.

The importance and relevance of Icons have dwindled over the past few years, with FIFA 22 seeing the consistent release of Promo cards that blew the legendary offerings out of the water.

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POINTLESS ENDEAVOUR - Could FIFA 23 see the death of Icons?

Whilst it will always be a novelty to have legendary players in your team, a further alteration to their ability would be absolutely necessary in order to prevent them from becoming pointless.

With prices dwindling and this proposed change to chemistry set to be another kick in the teeth, Icons will need some serious saving in FIFA 23.

Potential Benefits

As ever, there is a potentially beneficial side to this change.

Allowing fans to create an infinite amount of combinations for their Ultimate Team sounds appealing, but that appeal will soon fade if it enables squads to be assembled in an unrealistic fashion.

We've seen in recent years many FUT players deploying full-backs in the centre of defence, and there's a worry this change could facilitate even stranger concoctions.

With so many teams in FIFA 22 filled with strikers playing in central midfield, EA will need to carefully balance this new change in order to prevent FIFA 23 Ultimate Team from becoming stale.

Naturally, we may all be hesitant to the idea of change, but this potential alteration to chemistry in Ultimate Team would no doubt lead to a period of frustrating adaption that could see many fans turn away from EA's flagship mode.

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